To get to Lukashenko, appealed to Putin

They require Russian favorite assist them in organizing a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko. The applicants consider decisions made in criminal cases against their relatives, illegal and baseless.
More than 3 x 10-s ladies from all regions of Belarus sent a telegram to the address collective head of. The letter reads: Given significant effect Vladimir Putin Alexander Lukashenko, he can contribute to the organization of their meeting with the head of Belarus. People who are senior officials of the courts and the General Prosecutor’s Office did not talk, just rely on the personal intervention of the highest person in the state.
Victim rescued murder suspect
One of padpisantak, Galina Yubko, almost three years has its investigation, parallel to the official. After the murder of her older sister thing many times perakvalifikovvali, closed and reopened. After receiving a huge amount of formal replies, she sees no other choice but to get on to the guarantor of the Constitution. But Lukashenko’s administration she categorically deny this:
"Our president does not produce general admission. Statements and the group wrote and treated separately — no he does not perceive. Yeah read that here, even when many of the Attorney General does not perceive. Not to mention the president."
Reporter: "You hope that in Russia will respond to the letter?"
"I doubt it, but we have already sent a telegram to Moscow with the signatures of 5 people. Indeed, in general came to the fact that I, the victim of a particularly serious crime, do not even admit to familiarization with the criminal case."
Reporter: "And who are convicted in your case?"
"There have already been condemned 1st Man on the case, the innocent. Though I suffered, but stood up for him, just escaped from the clutches for" justice. "And they gave him 20 years to. And I have documents that against him criminal prosecution suspended, terminated a preventive measure. And for all that they are now taking revenge on me. "
"Special Department" block the way prisoners’ complaints
Ms. Yubko states people traded on the top is not a whim — at the level of human rights defenders and lawyers assist prisoners almost unreal:
"Neither lawyers nor does assist lawyers can not. They do not even recognize as lawyers. Insolent So our officials that, say, lawyers do not have anything right. Although essentially patron and convicted have the right to get acquainted with the case. This delirium, when the victim was not allowed to read. most important thing is that they even pointed this out in an official document signed by the first deputy prosecutor of Minsk region. already reached senility — chaos and lawlessness. But this kind of impenetrable wall. This is not a country, but in general a concentration camp. "

Two years back the one of the activists monitoring the presidential elections "Partnership" Timofei Dranchuk was convicted and spent 10 months in prison. Now he is busy creating a committee to protect the rights of prisoners "Above barrier" that is going to be registered in Lithuania:
"This prisoner was lucky that they have such relatives, who do not stop. We in fact very many prisoners who are convinced that they are in prison illegally, unreasonably. But our country they have no ability to defend themselves their rights: Complaints about human rights or the performance of the Department of Corrections or complaints of illegality of the sentence to the prosecutor or to the supreme tribunal would not bring anything completely.
Very often, when he wrote a complaint to the convict, while in prison, she just does not go away. Since it takes a decision as referred to the special department, which seems that the complaint should not go anywhere. That’s why ladies and appeal to Putin — apparently hoping Our homeland that still more democratic. I partly agree: in all this there is a certain sense. But in a positive result is not assured. Obviously, if they get to Lukashenko, these 30 people, maybe it will help. If you will order as necessary to see these things, may result will be. Just the overall situation is not affected. "
Many of these women also addressed complaints to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations. Tags: Putin, Lukashenko convicted, justice, geprakuratura

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