Tobolsk — Siberia real

In Tobolsk agreed fateful path for Russia and for Europe. Here and time intertwined in strange knots, sometimes stops or concentrates to an incredible degree, and it seems even hangs in the sky tangible drops and crystals. 

"Tobolsk is little known to the average Russian tourist. The main complaint: far to go for a long time, most likely with a change and, in general, is "somewhere in Siberia." And, by the way, "somewhere in Siberia" is one of the most beautiful cities of our country, and this is not a joke. Tobolsk — amazingly interesting and harmonious city. Here, on the top of a steep hill Alafeevoy surrounded by these Siberian forests, raised to the sky dome of its temples and towers tents only in Siberia stone Kremlin. On the other side of the hill encircled by a narrow but powerful band of the Irtysh River, somewhere on the slope of hiding a Catholic church, and under the mountain seen a lot of small neat houses, among which are the bell tower of the local church. "

"And Tobolsk — a real Siberia. You can feel it coming on the top deck on the mountain near the Kremlin. See the sky, forests, vast open spaces, make out in the distance the point where the Tobol merges with the Irtysh "..

Tobolsk famous resident — the author of the fairy tale "The Little Humpbacked Horse" Peter Yershov. In addition to this tale, it is nothing more than the famous and prominent not created, but closed his eyes to this fact, we recognize that after all the writer has never been, and they will not be sought. Not far from the Kremlin in the park lined sculptures of heroes tales and a monument to Ershov, all combined in a remarkably expressive composition.

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