Toddlers presidents: the way forward in the power

In the near future Alexander Lukashenko there are increasingly publicly accompanied 5-year-old son Nicholas. With him in front of the cameras, he participated in the clean, went to the Chernobyl region and the Olympic Games in Beijing, voted Nikolaev hand during the elections to the House of Representatives. Lukashenko returned the other day from the summit of CIS leaders in Bishkek, where Bush was presented to members of the Kyrgyz government. It is worth recalling that other sons Lukashenko — became the parent view. Senior Victor — Presidential Adviser for National Security, the average Dmitry — Managing the Presidential Sports Club. Or applies for Europe reklyamavannya practice and "promotion" in the mandatory structure of the first persons kids?

Alexander Lukashenko and ViktorOn the territory of the former USSR until only one point scion has taken up the post of President of the father — soon after the death of Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev took his place Ilham Aliyev. In other cases, presidents try to fix kids away from home — at first in order to give education in popular universities or to arrange to work on a good business structure.
In any adjoining country with Belarus presidents kids not "ists were blown out" in the political firmament. However, occasionally someone gets in secular or criminal chronicles — as Andrey Yushchenko, 22-year-old scion of the President of Ukraine, the fan rest on a grand scale. But the role of family members in the life of the country Yushchenko, says Kiev PR manager Lena Kozachenko, and concludes:
"In principle, Viktor Yushchenko no walks with the children in order to light up in public. Generally his 5 kids, two huge from his first marriage and three from the second malehankih.

Catherine, Viktor Yushchenko and VitalinaBy the way, the youngest in 2004, during an event at the Maidan was a bit more than one year. From time to time it is Vitalina on any cultural events, because there is not themselves realize no no Subbotniks nor sanctioned health days. At least, at any public events, I govern the country with the children not beheld. It was something that at one point of Yulia Tymoshenko went to Brussels, her daughter, but it was on the strip of the European People’s Party. In other words, there is very rarely the first person occur in people with a family. "
In Belarus the situation is fundamentally different. Despite the formal declaration of war protectionism, kids Lukashenko received not the last in the state office. Viktor Lukashenko arranged presidential adviser in the Security Council, Dmitry got under his command specially founded Presidential Sports Club, which is in the midst of the rest, is in control of revenues from the 1st sector of gambling — lotteries "Sports Lottery." But if older sons come in sight lenses occasionally, the youngest soon became a true "star" — the last six months, Alexander Lukashenko is trying with every comfort to show case their child,

Despite the formal declaration of war protectionism, kids Lukashenko received not the last in the state office.

the existence of which the country found out only this year.
In general, even earlier Lukashenko intrigued journalists, saying that Belarus will hardly manage or Victor Dima, but the youngest — "a unique person." Currently Mikolka 5 years old and his mother, to the recognition of the Lukashenko, Galina Radzivonauna, which remained in Ryzhkavichah and "doctor". It is not a secret that it is Ira Abelskaya, Immediately she recovers the president personally, and then, before the birth of Kolenka, led so referred to as "Lechkomissiyu." Currently working on an ordinary office in the 9th Minsk clinic, but, as they say on the sidelines of the institution, preparing documents to ensure that approve Abelskaya chairwoman clinic. Rumors that the mother has no Tipo ability to see with his son and because of mental breakdown as if hit in a psychiatric clinic, the staff of the "nine" does not confirm.
In general, for Europe is an exceptional case where the first person advertises as an illegitimate son. For example, in Poland adjacent if such facts occur, they carefully conceal. Employee Fifth broadcasting programs from abroad Polish Radio Yalanta Smyalovskaya states that in the case of the head of Poland Lech Kaczynski have similar premise on which the personal life of the family shall not be imposed for show:
"There was in particular and to boast, since his daughter divorced her husband and gave birth to a baby more. So in that sense, nothing decent to say. Incidentally, when Kwasniewski was president and their daughter was still in

For Europe, this is an exceptional case in which the first person advertises as an illegitimate son.

Lyceum age, they hid it very much from the media, from the newspapers. It is only now, when his father ceased to be president, spoke on television in the program "Dance of the stars." For example, the offspring of Walesa currently in Parliament, but he was elected there. But to which of the kids promoted to positions that do not recall, that was something. Incidentally, in this sense, is a very good critique of party decisions, not that family. If control of a party brings to the highest office in his own person certain municipal offices, even it is very very criticized. "
Not really allowed third-party privacy and Russian favorites. Two daughters today Prime Minister Vladimir Putin — 23-year-old Maria and 22-year-old Catherine — Zaavesyu under complete secrecy. Regardless of the status of his father, they do not "hang out" ignore telekartinku. During 8 years of Putin’s presidency was only understandable that the girls are taught: in 2005 they became a student of the St. Petersburg vniversytetu respectively — bio and eastern departments. Does not give cause for debate and the current President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. In the press slipped that his 12-year-old offspring Ilya attend school, the seat which is kept secret. Only at one point in the interview, Medvedev said that "Elijah, though not an A, but smart parents do not want to disappoint."
In neighboring states do not become public knowledge, even those pages of biographies of politicians who show their best human characteristics. Lithuanian broadcaster Jonas Laurinavicius states that the President Valdas Adamkus own kids do not have, but all that roused the three children of his brother and 3 kids of his wife’s sister. But political dividends in this never earned:
"He raised these kids without parents when I lived back in the United States. Wrote about it when it first came time for President in 1998. In other words, in this sense, man 100 percent untainted and generous. Middle of Ministers Naturally, there are moments nepatyzmu not once come across these "golden kids" at various machinations. Kids can recall former minister of transport Balchytsisa or vice-minister of transport Šakalys, even caught one on drugs. In other words, the children of such people, of course, enjoy some benefits. Someone says that the Law Institute in Lithuania — a place where they are constantly &qu
ot;pasvyatstsa." But Adamkus — it’s all the other plyanida. This is someone who has been incorporated into the Lithuanian policy when found some balance of power between the right and left, as they were at the time just irreconcilable. "
Promotion kids career — a common thing for a number of African and Asian regions. But in Europe, the phenomenon has always struggled with as unacceptable to the civilized world. Russia, of course, ready to crush the "stale" stereotypes.

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