Tomichi created the first interactive platform for RF Online Design

Tomsk company "Phlog"Russia has developed the platform, which allows customers by printing companies to create online print layouts, supervise the work of designers in real time and is cheaper than their foreign counterparts, told RIA Novosti CEO Victor Vahitov.

"Pixlpark— The first such service, created in Russia. By using this site, the client can upload to check ready to create a layout or design printing remotely, without the help of the manager of the company. The result is a work of the paid-made, prepared for printing a file in PDF. This way, the company saves time at the stage of receiving orders, "- said the official. 

Vahitov explained that the development of the project began in 2008. Sites based on Pixlpark, unlike other Russian portals have online file editor that allows customers to create projects such as photo books or cards, alone or with a designer and consultant online. In this case, prior to printing the program will check their work for errors.

According Vakhitova, the advantage of Tomsk platform in front of the Western ones is that it is integrated with the Russian payment systems and transportation companies, technical support is available in Russian. Also, sites on Pixlpark are cheaper — they are created on the model scenarios where already laid the groundwork for the most requested printing products.

Director of the company said that on the platform Pixlpark already used by tens of companies in Russia and other countries in recent months, developers receive orders from Europe.

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