Tomsk Oblast in Russia will create the first map of hunting grounds

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TOMSK, October 26 — RIA Novosti, Karina Sapunov. Tomsk Oblast in Russia the first to get new schemes hunting grounds, which in the future will be developed for the whole of Russia, told the head of the regional Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Alexander Adam.

  • Map of the Tomsk region.  Imagine what would look like hunting
  • Map of the Tomsk region. Imagine what would look like hunting

"In the auction, the Yaroslavl Cadastral Center, which specializes in the development of such documents … Also, this is exactly the center of Yaroslavl will do ohotustroitelnye documents …. Our entire Russian territory will be regarded as a model, as a pilot project," — said he says.

According to Adam, in the scheme will include not only the habitats of animals, the physical map of the area, the boundaries of hunting custom holdings, but also the proximity of human settlements, and the estimated actual ripe harvests of wild plants, the type of hunting in certain areas.

"These materials are available on the department's website. Hunting users of all we ask them to see the materials and made the changes, if something is wrong," — he added.

The head of the department said that the scheme is scheduled to approve the Ministry of the Environment by the end of December.

"These schemes — they help us and hunting users … Previously, because as it turned out — getting out cards in 1964. And now we have a new site, we have to refer to proven correct materials and not get junk that we have," — the chairman of the Tomsk regional society of hunters and anglers Valery Ermolenko.

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