Tomsk scientists have created the first digital X-ray in Russia Microtomograph

Scientists Tomsk State University developed the first digital X-ray in Russia Microtomograph. Worked on the development of intercollegiate teams training, research and production center "Technology Management" TSU, LLC "Diagnosis +" PA "EMC" and LLC "Elecard-Med", the press service of the university.

The development, which has five patents and six certificates of registration of computer programs can be used for the diagnosis of cores in the exploration, diagnostic materials and components of electronic satellite equipment, certification of pharmaceutical and food products, research new materials and so on. With the help of the device can effectively diagnose and receive full details of the internal spatial structure of materials with micron and submicron resolution without disturbing the structure itself.  

Specialized software is also created by the authors of development, allows you to quickly produce a three-dimensional reconstruction of the objects and detect and display defects in color. In this work the X-ray microtomograph is fully automated and requires no user intervention in the process of building ZD model and find faults.

The X-ray Microtomograph already won a silver medal at the St. Petersburg Technical Fair and gold — on the 14th the exhibition "High technologies of the 21st century" in Moscow, as well as a diploma for the participation in the exhibition "The results of the Federal Target Program" Research and development in priority areas of scientific and technological complex of the Russian Federation, 2007-2013 "." In addition, the already received bids for the purchase of 15 units of large industrial enterprises, state-owned corporations, academic institutes and universities. Tomsk Electromechanical Works and JSC "Research Institute of Semiconductor Devices (NIIPP)" has already started production of the first Russian microtomography. Price foreign analogue is at least $ 30 million, while the unit produced in Tomsk, costs about 500,000 dollars.…mografa-nachalos-v-tomske 

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