Tomsk scientists have invented a non-toxic solution for embalming

Scientists Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) developed a secure solution based on glyoxal, which is able to replace the toxic formaldehyde in embalming, told RIA Novosti Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine of the university Fedor Alyabyev.

"Unlike formalin solution was our smell — it can be given any flavor example fir. And it is not toxic, unlike formaldehyde. And preservative properties on biologicals it acts as formalin", — said Alyabyev.

According to him, his department specialists replaced in the exhibits of formalin to "Aldofiks." "The Law on Education stipulates that the training should be safe. Formalin is dangerous, our solution — not" — said the scientist. 

According to him, at present, to preserve dead bodies, organs and other biological materials, as well as a fixative for subsequent microscopy is used poisonous formaldehyde — a carcinogen that is dangerous even to breathe. Researchers have developed a solution "Aldofiks" based on glyoxal — substances of high purity having a broad spectrum of activity and low toxicity to humans.

Alyabyev said that at present the solution produces Tomsk innovative company "Novokhim", which will be the time to market. In parallel, the specialists engaged in approbation of the solution for the preparation of drugs for microscopy. The main customers of the solution may make the medical university, forensic and post-mortem services.

"We plan to test cycle institutes of Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, it will identify areas where you can use this product. Thereafter, it will be possible to enter the market <…> The production plan for the year — about 100-200 tons," — said, in turn, Chief Engineer "Novohima" Andrei Knyazev.

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