Tomsk scientists tested a new tool for fighting fires

Emergency Management in the Tomsk region in cooperation with Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) held on Wednesday, September 7, the first test of a new tool for fighting the fire — a solution based on liquid glass, RIA Novosti reported.

The special composition of the water-based, liquid glass, and other components developed by scientists TPU. According to them, it allows you to effectively deal with very dangerous fires. When the train reaches the burning items, they are covered by a layer of liquid glass, which foams up and prevents further burning and smoldering. Part of the formulation components that can withstand heat up to about 550 degrees, kept secret.

In the course of experienced fire-tactical exercises two teams of four firefighters extinguished the burning object: wooden house, car tires, baking with a flammable liquid and spruce branches. The first team used an innovative solution based on liquid glass, a second fire extinguished traditionally — with water and foam.

According to scientists Polytechnic University, the first team to cope with the tasks of an average of ten seconds faster.

"As a result of the tests will be prepared by a scientific report. Then the repeated tests — more complex. After that, we will talk about efficiency, we can get on the estimated financial costs (for implementation of development) …. More than ten seconds — a lot or a little … If you increase the area of the fire at times, the time difference will also be more than a few minutes. Possible, and to increase the number of lives saved ", — Commented on the results of field tests GUMCHS deputy head of the Tomsk region, Mikhail Runner.

He noted that the firefighters to extinguish fires using water and foam, "Spend a lot of time … to knock down the flames, reduce the temperature and eventually put out the fire."

"A new solution can achieve the same result more quickly — only one or two irrigations, and the composition begins to work. It adheres to the surface foamed thereafter terminates the access of oxygen. Put out and forget ", — Runner said.

Earlier, Deputy Provost for Research and Innovation TPU Alex Tskhe agency reported that the use of a new safe for the environment and the characteristic of the mixture is such that it can be used for fire fuel, flammable substances, forest fires and others. He added that the development is ready for implementation, and the university intends to seek an investor.

Eleanor Black, RIA Novosti, 07.09.2011

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