Tomsk tool announced financial restructuring

Tomsk tool factory, a year ago appeared on the verge of bankruptcy, said the financial restructuring. The enterprise has emerged a private investor. 

Tomsk tool factory produces metal-and wood-cutting tools (drills, milling cutters, taps, modular instrument) for the industry. The plant has branches in Moscow and Omsk, services marketing in the European part of Russia, the Far East and the CIS. It is the largest plant in the country, which makes the drill. Consumers of products — the most high-tech industries: aerospace industry, power engineering, businesses that have received state defense order.

The director of "Tomsk tool" Sergei Shvartsev: "We hold 56% of the market, 40% of our customers — it's aviation industry. This year, the equipment at the factory was invested 50 million rubles in 2014, the next will be more invested about 10 million rubles. "

Private investor for the plant became the owner of the group of companies "Tools Market" Valentin Karpov. He bought the 300 millionth debt "Tomsk tool" at the "Savings".

"I worked on the" Tomsk instrument "from '77 to the beginning of perestroika. It's like their own child. Yes, this is a very significant risk, but where to go. Business at all risky, "- said the main owner of the plant Valentin Karpov.

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