Top 250 industrial centers of Russia

Institute of Spatial Planning Urbanisa together with the Union of Architects of Russia reached the top 250 industrial centers that make the most important contribution to the economic development of the country. Was based on the volume of industrial production according to municipal statistics, reporting the largest companies in 2010.

 List of centers of industrial production of more than 100 billion rubles.:

Number City Region Industrial production, bn.



Industry and corporate structure of big business
1 Moscow Moscow 1895.2 Engineering (Roscosmos, Russian Technologies, Dry, Sitronics, Renault, United Technologies, ABB, Bombardier, Volvo, Alcatel-Lucent), Food processing industry (Wimm-Bill-Dann, United Confectioners, Kraft Foods, Cherkizovo, Ostankino, Efes, JTI, BAT, Coca-Cola), Oil and gas (Gazprom Neft) Research and development (Gazprom, the Federal Space Agency, Rosatom, RusHydro, Siemens, Samsung, Intel, Irkut, Boeing, Dow Chemical, LG, Areva),Pharmaceutical industry (GlaxoSmithKline)
2 Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg 1282.7 Food processing industry (Baltic, Philip Morris, JTI, BAT, Orcla Food, Coca Cola, Heineken, Mars, Kraft Foods, Procter &Gamble), Engineering (Power Machines, United Shipbuilding Corporation Russian Technologies, OMZ, Toyota, Nissan, GM, HP, Philips, Ruselprom, Schneider Electric, Hyundai, Siemens, United Technologies, Johnson Controls), Ferrous metallurgy(Severstal) Production of building materials (LSR)Chemical industry (Linde Gas),


Research and development (Gazprom, Norilsk Nickel, Rusal, RusHydro, Surgutneftegas, Severstal, the Federal Space Agency, Rosatom, Polymetal, Intel, LG, Alcoa)

3 Surgut * Khanty-Mansiysk 800.3 Oil and gas ** (Surgutneftegaz) Electric Utilities(OGK-2, OGK-4) Oil and gas (SIBUR) Food processing industry (Wimm-Bill-Dann) Research and development (Surgutneftegaz)
4 Nizhnevartovsk * Khanty-Mansiysk 481.6 Oil and gas ** (TNK-BP, Gazprom Neft, Russneft, Slavneft) Oil and gas (SIBUR)
5 Omsk * Omsk Region 348.4 Oil and gas ** (Gazprom Neft) Chemical industry (Titan) Food processing industry(Unilever, Wimm-Bill-Dann, SUN Inbev), Engineering(Russian Technologies, Roscosmos)
6 Perm Perm 331.3 Oil and gas ** (Lukoil) Engineering(Russian Technologies, Roskosmos) Food processing industry(Nestle, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Unimilk, SUN Inbev), Chemical industry (Henkel)
7 Ufa Bashkortostan 313.6 Oil and gas ** (Bashneft) Engineering(Technologies) Food processing industry (Wimm-Bill-Dann, Efes), Pharmaceutical industry(Pharmstandart)
8 Norilsk Krasnoyarsk Territory 312.0 Non-ferrous metals ** (Norilsk Nickel)
9 Chelyabinsk * Chelyabinsk region 277.3 Iron and steel ** (Mechel Chelyabinsk Pipe CHEMZ, OMC, MMC)Food processing industry (United Confectioners, Baltic, Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods, Coca-Cola), Engineering(Technologies)
10 Novokuznetsk * Kemerovo region 264.0 Iron and steel ** (Evraz) The coal industry (Evraz Group, UMMC Sibuglemet) Non-ferrous metallurgy (Rusal)
11 Cherepovets Vologda region 261.3 Iron and steel ** (Severstal) Chemical industry (Fosagro, Air Liquide)
12 Almetevsk Tatarstan 259.5 Oil and gas ** (Tatneft) Ferrous metallurgy(OMC), Engineering (CTRP)
13 Volgograd Volgograd region 256.6 Oil and gas ** (Lukoil) Ferrous metallurgy(Severstal) Non-ferrous metallurgy (Rusal) Food processing industry (Imperial Tobacco, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Unimilk) Engineering (Russian Technologies, Tractor Plants)
14 Lipetsk Lipetsk region 247.4 Iron and steel ** (NLMK) Engineering (Indesit, Tractor Plants) Food processing industry (Roshan, Cherkizovo Unimilk) Production of building materials(Evrotsement)
15 Magnitogorsk Chelyabinsk region 247.3 Iron and steel ** (CMI)
16 Togliatti Samara region 233.4 Mechanical Engineering ** (AvtoVAZ **, GM, Johnson Controls),Chemical industry (SIBUR, Togliatti, Kuibyshevazot) Electric Utilities (Volga TGC) Food processing industry (Danone)
17 Kogalim Khanty-Mansiysk 221.5 Oil and gas ** (Lukoil) Research and development (Lukoil)
18 Kstovo Nizhny Novgorod region 209.8 Oil and gas ** (Lukoil) Chemical industry (SIBUR)
19 New Urengoy * YANAO 205.2 Oil and gas ** (Gazprom)
20 Nizhnekamsk Tatarstan 196.6 Chemical Industry ** (** Taif, Tatneft, BASF),Engineering (Kamaz)
21 Moscow * Khanty-Mansiysk 184.3 Oil and gas ** (** Rosneft, Gazprom Neft, Russneft)
22 Nizhny Tagil Sverdlovsk region 159.1 Iron and steel ** (Evraz) Mining and quarrying (Evraz) Engineering(UralVagonZavod) Food processing industry (Unimilk)Chemical industry (Technologies)
23 Khanty-Mansiysk * Khanty-Mansiysk 157.4 Oil and gas ** (Gazprom Neft ** Rusneft)
24 Ekaterinburg Sverdlovsk region 156.0

Ferrous metallurgy (NLMK) Engineering(OMZ, Technologies, Federal Space Agency, Rosatom, Areva, Gazprom, Sitronics) Chemical industry (SIBUR, Unilever), Non-ferrous metallurgy(UMMC) Production of building materials (Evrotsement, LSR)Food processing industry (RusAgro, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Unimilk, Orcla Food, Wimm-Bill-Dann)
25 Busuluk Orenburg region 155.9 Oil and gas ** (TNK-BP)
26 Nogliki Sakhalin Region 154.3 Oil and gas ** (Rosneft, Sakhalin Energy)
27 Samara * Samara region 147.5


Oil and gas (Rosneft) Engineering(Roscosmos, Russian Technologies, Block, Tadem) Non-ferrous metallurgy (Alcoa), Food processing industry (Nestle, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Unimilk, Wimm-Bill-Dann) Chemical industry (Linde Gas), Research and development (Rosneft)

28 Kaliningrad Kaliningrad region 143.4 Engineering (Autotor, Telebalt, Philips), Food processing industry (Heineken), Chemical industry(Linde Gas)
29 Nadim * YANAO 140.2 Oil and gas ** (Gazprom)
30 Noyabr'sk YANAO 136.6 Oil and gas ** (Gazprom Neft, Gazprom, Chevron),Oil and gas (SIBUR)
31 Viksa Nizhny Novgorod region 135.5 Iron and steel ** (OMC)
32 Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod region 132.4 Engineering (GAZ, Russian Technologies, Rosatom, United Shipbuilding Corporation) Chemical industry(SIBUR) Food processing industry (NMGK, Coca-Cola, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Heineken), Pharmaceutical industry(Stada, Pharmstandart) Research and development (Rosatom, Intel)
33 Kaluga Kaluga region 131.4 Mechanical Engineering ** (Volkswagen **, Peugeot, General Electric, Siemens, Power Machines, Volvo, Magna, Rosatom, Roscosmos, Russian Technologies) Food processing industry (SUB Miller)
34 Novosibirsk * Novosibirsk region 125.8 Oil and gas (Gazprom), Engineering(Dry, Railways, Russian Technologies) Chemical industry(Rosatom) Food processing industry (Baltic, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Unimilk, Solar Products, Mars, Efes, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Heineken, United Confectioners) Electric Utilities(Novosibirskenergo RusHydro) Research and development (Samsung, Intel)
35 Stary Oskol Belgorod region 124.1 Iron and steel ** (Metalloinvest) Mining and quarrying (NLMK) Production of building materials(Evrotsement)
36 Salavat Bashkortostan 118.6 Oil and gas ** (Gazprom), Engineering(Technologies)
37 Tarko- YANAO 117.0 Oil and gas ** (Novatek)
38 Rostov-on-Don Rostov region 114.6 Engineering (Rosvertol, Technologies, Rostsel'mash, Railways, Hyundai), Food processing industry (South of Russia, Baltic, Coca-Cola, Efes, Wimm-Bill-Dann)
39 Upper Pishma Sverdlovsk region 113.4 Non-ferrous metals ** (UMMC)
40 Krasnoyarsk * Krasnoyarsk Territory 112.6 Non-ferrous metallurgy (Rusal, Krastsvetmet) Chemical industry (SIBUR) Engineering (Roscosmos, Russian Technologies, Tractor Plants, Railways) Food processing industry (Baltic, Coca-Cola, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Unimilk) Timber industry (BASEL)
41 Kazan * Tatarstan 112.1 Chemical industry (Taif) Engineering(Russian Technologies, Schneider Electric), Food processing industry(Efes, Unimilk, Wimm-Bill-Dann)
42 Volga Volgograd region 107.5 Ferrous metallurgy (TMK) Electric Utilities (RusHydro)Chemical industry (Volga Orgsintez, SIBUR)Engineering (Technologies) Food processing industry (Coca-Cola)
43 Naberezhnye Chelny Tatarstan 102.0 Mechanical Engineering ** (** KAMAZ, Sollers) Electric Utilities(Tatenergo)
44 Megion Khanty-Mansiysk 101.3 Oil and gas ** (Slavneft)

Note: The asterisk (*) indicates that the city's industrial output value which takes into account the surrounding municipalities (in the case where they are significant — more than 5 billion rubles.).

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