Top 5 most technological inventions Ukrainian

The first patent in the history of independent Ukraine was issued November 30, 1992 for an invention anti-friction material for the friction surfaces. Exactly 20 years later, in November of 2012, the State Intellectual Property Service has announced the registration of one hundred thousandth of a patent. Jubilee was the invention "Method of improving the effectiveness of chemotherapy resistant to chemotherapy of malignant tumors."

According to the study of the World Intellectual Property Organization, in 2011, Ukraine was ranked seventh in the number of applications for patents among the fifteen countries with an average income.

Compared with 2010, the number of applications increased by 30%. Forbes selected five interesting patents from technology, issued in the last two years.

Durable data storage
SanDisk In mid-2011, the Institute for Information NAS patented a new method of storing data. As the authors develop, unlike CD unstable, application of this technology will keep a record in digital form for several hundred years. The development can be indispensable in the digitization of old records. Scientists have proposed the creation of a CD-ROM special layer made of a highly stable material — sapphire or quartz. Long-term storage is achieved by the fact that this layer is not affected by changes in temperature and humidity data is reproduced. However, this optical recording medium can not complement the previously recorded information, which limits its use. In 2011 the company sold the SSD SanDisk Memory Vault, which, it thinks that the information can be stored 100 years.    

Neural antivirus



At the end of 2012 a patent for utility model received Miroslav Komar, Anatoly Sachenko, Vladimir and Sergey Golovko BEZOBRAZOV of Ternopil University of Economics. For the detection of computer attacks authors suggest the use of a special neural network artificial immune system, monitor user activity. This program is a real-time analyzes incoming traffic from users, and in the event of threats to supplies alarms. It consists of a neural network detector integrated artificial immune system. Artificial neural networks are anti-virus program that works similarly to the human nervous system. Unlike conventional security software, the system is programmed and trained based on the comparison of the parameters of normal network connections and computer attacks. In general, the use of neural networks is possible in many fields: medicine, robotics, economics, and advertising.

Tablet PC    


In March of 2013 from Lviv Dmitry Goliusov received three design patent design tablet computer. Descriptions are limited to patents tablet images reminiscent of the popular models of world producers. The document states that the author is Lviv Limited Liability Company "Formula Brock." Internet company attributes this transport activity. Appearance of the device with a screen in the form of a rectangle with rounded corners on Apple patented at the end of last year.  
  Voice Assistant

In August of 2012 from Kiev Alexander Konovalov, received a patent for a method of controlling a mobile phone with your voice. Voice recognition software on a mobile phone, you need to install a special program. The essence of her work is that the user gives the command to open the device SMS, e-mail, calendar, organizer, reminder or a browser. Through the dynamics of the mobile device reproduces the results of a computer voice commands or reads messages, news and mail from the phone screen. In the description of the patent states that the program will be useful to drivers whose hands are busy driving. Telephone voice control technology is widely used by big manufacturers of mobile phones. In 2010, Apple had acquired developer's application personal voice assistant Siri. Subsequently, the program was integrated into iOS, used in the iPhone, starting with the 4S.


Electronic signature

At the end of last year Ukrpatent registered the invention process ID when signing electronic documents. Its author — Vyacheslav Pisarenko from Poltava. The method involves the preparation and signing some paper document to an authorized person, as well as the creation of an electronic copy of a digital signature. In place of the electronic signature is superimposed image of a scanned fingerprint, which is taken from the database of fingerprints — tenprints. Prepared an electronic document stored in the outgoing messages and sent to a specific address. The recipient compares the fingerprint image with the corresponding electronic image of your own database. The technology of electronic signatures has been actively used in the 2000s. For example, the Estonians are digitally signed for voting to send the tax and customs declarations, petitions for applications in local and state authorities.        

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