TPU provides exclusive training center for professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology


The first in Russia Tomsk Polytechnic University begins to prepare exclusive specialists for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The new master's program "Engineering in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry" will open in the scientific and educational center "TPU-R-Farm" in 2012, the Center created on the basis of the Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Natural Resources in cooperation with Russia's largest pharmaceutical company "R-Pharm. "

To date, a draft curriculum master program "Engineering in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries." The program is formed with the competences proposed by JSC "R-Pharm". It is the knowledge that should have a world-class expert to work in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Members of the new master's program will have the opportunity to learn the most modern equipment. At the heart of "TPUR-Pharm "is designed modern multimedia hall for lectures, seminars, classical and e-learning, training, remote video conferencing, presentations and reports. The plans this year, buying new equipment and the formation of R &D-center in the field of biopharmaceuticals. By the end of 2012 the total investment in this project will be 32 million.

"There are experts who will train us in the Institute of Natural Resources, today, does not let any one university in the country, — Says Abdigali Bakibayev, Head of the Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Natural Resources TPU. — This will be the exclusive biofarmatsevty. And, we'll not only training, but also refresher courses for these industries. Because the demand for footage of this level today is much greater than the supply. "

By learning at the center, "R-Pharm-TPU" will be attracted leading experts from all over Russia and abroad.

The first course of undergraduates who will be trained under the program "Engineering in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries," rack up this year. They will learn on a commercial basis. Today TPU and ZAO "R-Pharm" negotiate the terms of a possible financial education specialists directly for this company. It will either grants for education or apprenticeship contract.

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