Tram new generation of production of JSC Uraltransmash

Tests of Russia's first fully low-floor tram model 71-409 production of "Uraltransmash" — company in the corporation Uralvagonzavod began in West tram depot Yekaterinburg.


The tests consist of several steps: checking the car and its components in the steady state and in drive. Each stage includes a variety of tests under different conditions. Currently executed commissioning, and has already successfully completed their first stage.

  • July 26, 71-409 tram car model was shipped to Western depot EMUP "TTU" for commissioning, acceptance testing and pre-
  • July 26 tramcar 71-409 model was shipped to Western depot EMUP "TTU" for commissioning, acceptance testing and pre-

August 23 tram started tests in drive mode, having made the first three-kilometer run-idle on tram lines Western depot, drive about 3 km. Through the mechanism of the joint (each part of the car connected "accordion") has successfully completed all the tram turning maneuvers.

A total of tram cars 71-409 for the tests should pass the order of 3000 km at the depot and city lines, as with the empty interior, and with a nominal capacity. Capacity tram "new generation" — 210 passengers during their tests will simulate the sandbags.

Now comes the commissioning of a computer program, traction converters, the operation of the car and brake properties in various conditions and modes. Work is also underway to determine the effectiveness of heating, lighting and ventilation, external noise and smooth running.

Three-section articulated tram car production of "Uraltransmash" consumes 30% less power, and its interior spaciousness of a 30% increase in comparison with conventional cars for Czech citizens. The coincidence of the floor level to the level of the stop of the complex makes it easier and faster drop-off/pick-up and promoting them through the cabin. This car is very convenient for the elderly and people with young children.

The car is equipped with undercarriage gear motors at each wheel, induction motor drive with a computer-controlled graphical touch screen driver, a system of monitoring and fault detection of components of the car, automatic pantograph, CCTV, air conditioning and cabin interior heater high power.

On the basis of the car is planned to develop a 71-409 range of low-floor trams of different length and capacity — five-, seven-, and devyatisektsionnyh.

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