Transas has established a system of transport security waters in Vyborg and Vysotsk

Transas has completed the installation of a modern system of transportation security seaport of Vyborg and Vysotsk.

The implemented system today is a modern complex of technical means with a single central station monitoring. Coverage of the system covers the waters of ports, anchorages and approaches to them.

The main objective of the system is to prevent acts of unlawful interference and to increase the level of traffic safety on the waters. However, the information system can be used for process monitoring and control of the overall situation in the area in the interests of administrative ports, Vessel Traffic Management System, and other authorized users.

Feature of the project is the use of a realistic mathematical model of the waters and shore facilities for three-dimensional visualization of the situation with the display of real-time targets tracked and their motion vectors and other relevant information.
Decision of the State Committee of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation adopted the system in operation and found to comply with the requirements of the Transportation Security systems of transport infrastructure.

The project started in January 2012 after winning Tranzas in open competitions. Total amount of contracts to equip both ports was 40.8 million.

As part of the obligations under the Public Contracts company undertook the development and coordination with the organizations of technical solutions to build a system, supply and installation of equipment, held commissioning, acceptance testing and coaching staff.

The core of the implemented system is a hardware and software system Transas Navi-Traffic/Transas Navi-Harbour production company "Transas" optimized in this project for the problems of Transportation Security waters, namely the automatic detection, tracking and registration of small targets using radar data Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and video-thermal information.

Along with its own sensors: fixed and PTZ controllable electro-optical surveillance systems and private AIS receiving station, the complex will also use information from radars operating in the waters of Vessel Traffic Management System. Integrated information about the situation in the area of responsibility displayed on the multi-head workstations operators, and can be transferred to the Unified Situation Room Sea Port Administration "Big Port of St. Petersburg" and promising single ituatsionny Rosmorrechflot center.

Functionality and quality of the implemented system during acceptance tests were commended the State Commission and experts of maritime administrations port of Vyborg and Vysotsk.

"The experience of this project confirmed the feasibility and effectiveness of the integration of the existing facilities and infrastructure for a comprehensive approach to transportation and navigation safety in the port areas of the Russian Federation" — comments on the results of this project novel fashion, the Deputy Director-General on security in transport ZAO "Transas". "With all the differences in the tasks and the differences in the requirements for personnel providing navigational systems and transportation security, this approach allows to increase the coverage and effectiveness of both systems reduce the cost of operation and maintenance."

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