Transfers summer 2009. Deadline approaches

With the thrill of waiting for the transfer window, launches special online, which will keep track of all the events of the day and will try to give an answer to the question will be whether the expected return of Roman Pavlyuchenko in "Spartacus," will go to Oleksandr Aliyev from Valery Gazzaev to Yuri Semin, need to "Tottenham" Pletikosa injured and why the red-white Sheshukov Alexander and Alexander Samedov.


15.14. Tormented by the nostalgia for the epic with the transfer of Arshavin in the "Arsenal», tries to revive stir the events of January, in the hope that at least half of the rumors of the last day dozayavochnoy campaign in Russia, will be true. Thus, the most anticipated events on Monday:

1. London vacation Roman Pavlyuchenko, like coming to an end: the impossibility of realizing the mission to defeat Jermaine Defoe, Robbie Keane and Peter Crouch in the battle for a place in the starting lineup, the Russian forward decided to worst — to return to the Russian championship. Despite the strong interest on the part of "Zenith" The sleeping giant is likely to join the "Spartacus" — the reaction of the fans of "Zenith" is known to be able to scare anyone.

2. Tired of looking for small change to travel on the subway, in "Spartacus" in search of a residence moved Eldar Nizamutdinov ready to sit behind Welliton Pavlyuchenko and Bazhenov — if only to pay at least once every six months give.

3. Diniyar Bilyaletdinov's departure to England brought to the boiling point of the rumors about the transition to the "Locomotive" Alexander Aliev. The man almost grab a scoring title at the world junior chepionata Leo Messi, master standards, the chief designer of attacks Kiev "Dynamo" and, finally, a native of Khabarovsk opened just under Yuri Semin. However, nostalgia for the joint work with Yuri Pavlovich — perhaps the only thing that can lure Aliyev from one capital to another: for the championship "Locomotive" is not fighting in the Champions League does not play. But Peter Odemwingie sure Aliyev acquire the right curb, but because the assurances, is going to "Hoffenheim."

4. On the other right curb, in a very different team, rumors persist Woo Alexander Samedov, at one time gone to the "locomotive" just because of the arrival of "Spartacus" Bystrov. In the appendage attached to one another to Alexander — Sheshukov. By the principle of it once already in the load exerted to the young Dmitri Sychev. The case was zimoy-2001/02.

15.35. Despite the fact that the chief of the Russian off-season transfer has already taken place, we suggest you to evaluate the thoughts chief forecaster, made a few days before moving Bystrov in "Zenit".

15.50. Meanwhile, the fate of the two remains hazy advocates who want to join two different English clubs: Richard Dunne is no place in the "City" after the transition of the great and terrible Joleon Lescott, while Johnny Heitinga is ready to be tempted by an offer David Moyes. Perhaps due to the fact that this team was joined by Diniyar Bilyaletdinov?

16.12. In the meantime, we are opening the survey to hear your opinion on the subject, which will be able to fulfill your Roman Pavlyuchenko

16.22. To redeem before Nizamutdinova Eldar, a link to a lovely essay on these forward within the "Tribune." Perhaps the striker will grow in "Spartacus" so that goes to England — and will compete with Bilyaletdinov in the complexity of writing his name in English.

16.37. Meanwhile, Dmytro Chygrynskiy passes medosbledovanie in the "Barcelona"!

16.55. Shock! In the "locomotive" returned "the best scorer of the" Swiss "Grasshopper" — Eldin Yakupovich. At the bottom of the proof of sniper talents fourth rail goalie.

17.05. Meanwhile, the real sensation in Zelenograd — to the eponymous football club joined Eric S. Pavel — Cup of Russia 2007, a former railway worker, Dynamo and torpedovets. Arrange a festive celebrations residents of the city?

17.16. Pa-baam! Admit it, yet expected news with the headline "Eldar Nizamutdinov:" Since my childhood I sympathized with red-and-white "? Happened — unjustly wronged us forward to the end of the year in "Spartacus."

17.25. John Terry has signed a five-year contract with "Chelsea". A certain Paul Terry at the same time signed a contract with the "End Rushden Diamonds."

John be better.

17.34. Sergei Ovchinnikov, began training in the "Locomotive".

Quietly, this is just a preparation for the match Legends, which will be held in Cherkizovo September 8. And sorry — Sergei Ivanovich could still show itself.

17.43. Once again, the news from the camp of the "Locomotive" — Ivan Pelitstsoli finally found a decent team! "Albinoleffe 'keeper had acquired railroad — and at Yakupovicha was one less competitor. Italian Ivan followed in the footsteps of his fellow countryman of "Locomotive" — Francesco Ruopolo.

17.55. A talented writer Mikhail Kalashnikov asks, "Why FC" Moskva "no one is buying? There after every player will play — Bozovic him think of something. " Oh, not that team found themselves defender Gennady Nizhegorodov, which, as it turned out, only 32 years old. And it's not "Nizhny Novgorod". Now the ex-railwayman would terrify opponents' Rheindorf Altaha "by former Bundesliga top scorer Ailton who left last season, the Austrian Bundesliga.

17.59. Events are moving rapidly — Romanian Andrei Muresan moved to the "Kuban". His former club — "Gloria" from Bystrica — ranks last in the NHL. Is a "Kuban" chance to fly less?

18.03. Going knocked out of the transfer window, the window frame. Latvian midfielder named Ivanov moved to play in South Africa. Latvia's national team coach Alexander Starkov will have to fork out for the South African connection cable television — it is necessary to view the game of his ward.

18.32. User ericssons got hold of inside information!

"Now somewhere in Khimki, in the sports hall of one of the secondary schools, auction takes place with only one lot — some talented football player Roman P. from London. At the auction, potential buyers presudstvuyut following items: Yuri S., Valery K., Eugene G., S. Constantine and Igor K. also received an invitation but only as a person nablyudatiley following items: Vitaliy M. Denis Laht., Juande R.. "

18.41. "Portsmouth" is actively trying to buy the former lokomotivtsa Amr Zaki. By the way, the hostess for the record, in all their clubs Zaki was a major player — held not less than 20 games, and the "Loco" held zero. What does this teach us?

18.50. Italians run home from Britain: Donati moved to the "Bari" Fabio Dzamblera in "Roma", Dossena can of "Liverpool" to leave. Not funny, but the trend!

18.55. Oh, and here is the hard news — after Wagner left CSKA Caner Erkin. Turks returned home — though not in the home, "Manisaspor", and "Galatasaray". Maybe his last football team? It is known that "Galatasaray" — club-those-who-have-long-did-not-have: Elano, Kewell, Keita, Baros …

By the way, we discover the heading "known fact": the capital of Turkey — Ankara, not Istanbul.

19.16. Your attention to the reaction of visitors Zia possible transition Anton Sosnina in "Spartacus":

"If you do not give Sosnina into the meat now, as you buy it then? We must think. But as it will be fun: banners, charges the stands and new fans of the famous sites of national money, "- tells us exit.

19.20. "Well-known fact." Caner became the sixth player whom CSKA loaned this summer: before the army left the Wagner Kalouda, Ramon, Ryzhov and Vlasov. What does this tell us? It could be your conclusion.

19.23. Former striker "Hertha" Marko Pantelic has signed a contract with "Ajax". In contrast to the Latvian Ivanova, not a South African. Interestingly, the desire for new experiences expressed by the Serbs in this way: he was playing in his homeland, Greece, France, Switzerland, Spain, Austria and Germany (where he was last season and has looked after Martin Jol).

19.27. Serb Zdravko Kuzmanovic was replaced by Florence Stuttgart. Why not do it in order to play as a team with Pavel Pogrebnyak. Add to these two men Jan Šimák, Mariana Kovacevic and Alexander Hleb and you will get your favorite team Slavophiles in the German championship.

19.34. Bomb! Defender "Inter" will continue his career in Moldova!

That's what could be a title, if you do not read the news on Moving 35-year-old Ivan Testimitsianu of Baku "Inter" in "Zimbru" — for the tabloids find. Well, if the tabloids would have known all about this soccer player.

19.40. "Midfielder Levon Pachajyan was in quite a predicament. The transfer window closes, and the football player at the moment actually there is no club. " With these words begins the news on the site Help the guy or something — Harry, Dennis, Constantine?

19.45. Izestnaya become the true cause of transition Vladimir Bystrov in "Zenit". Quincy Owusu Abeyie can return to the "Spartacus"!

19.55. Does not relax the user hassel: «German Sport Bild reports that the striker" Bavaria "Miroslav Klose is in talks unfortunately Pavel Pogrebnyak, with the" Stuttgart ". Schwab, by the way, are developing just six candidates to strengthen the offensive line. "

Pasha, stay with us, we are following the development of events! We would day yes night stand to hold out.

20.15. Defender "Betis" Branko Ilic may pursue a career in Russia. Where — the representatives of the Slovene not yet reported. What do you think? "Spartacus"? "Zenith"? "Chelsea-Kazan"?

20.28. Meanwhile, defender of "Lion" Fabio Grosso already on the way to 'Juventus'. I wonder what kind of world champion give 2 to 4 million euros, and for four-time winner of the silver medals of the championship of Russia Vladimir Bystrov — 15.

20.41. While a slight lull continue podbroku quotes from the guest. Here's how to Zia speak about the "Dynamo": "Realistically probably are cautiously emerge from the cellar," A. .. window is almost closed the shuttle? '. And translated, everything is in place … "

20.55. The struggle of Arab ambitions continues: while in Russia all seem to have fallen asleep, "Portsmouth" Suleiman al-Fahim everyone wants to buy something from "Manchester City" Sheikh Mansour and vice versa. The latest victim, Tal Ben Haim — a former player, "Chelsea", a defender and a pretty boy. How politically correct that two Arabs are buying each other a Jew? Leave your opinions in the comments.

21.16. Asks the user Dent: «I wonder if Wagner moved to Palermo, then would he painted in pink pigtails?"

21.25. Right-back Giourkas Seitaridis, European champion and one of the objects of consumerist hysteria Alexei Fedorychev in "Dinamo", close to the transition from the "Athletics" in the "Genoa".

21.35. Interesting arithmetic: "Manchester City" has spent on transfers 124 million pounds, and all the Big Four clubs — 103. Attention to the question: "Gather to" MS "points more than the Top 4 teams together, and where the oil is extracted profitable — in Russia or the United Arab Emirates?"

21.48. Again minute arithmetic: "Real" has spent on transfers for 36 million more than the other examples of clubs together. And getting rid of some of the Dutch — Robben, Sneijder and Huntelara — Perez lost 29 million euros.

21.52. Diniyar Bilyaletdinov Swiss football — Blerim Jemal — moved from the "Torino" in the "Parma" on loan and will now delight local Signorini. The pupil 'Zurich', which is due to a serious injury could not hold it in kupivshem "Bolton" a single match, will now try to settle in Emilia-Romagna.

22.06. already known Omsk attributed to Alexander Sheshukova "Spartacus"! And you say in "Spartacus" do not call twice.

22.20. Moscow "Spartak" offers fans still remember two names: Zhebrun and Barbolin, sorry — Hiyasov and Nozdrunov. Now the two 17-year-old guy — the application of the club for the season, they has a broad international experience, expressed the defeat of their peers, "Juventus". It is a pity that "Spartacus" is not acting in the European Cup, and then the guys partners showed how to beat the Italians.

22.25. That's it. "Spartacus" has already announced its acquisition of the main summer — Quincy officially red-white!

22.28. On the "Transfermarkte" sit alarmists — Sheshukov does not go anywhere. This is how he told the ohmic Omsk Alexander buttercup. So, the promised strengthening of "Spartacus": Nizamutdinov, Quincy, Hiyasov, Nozdrunov.

22.41. If you are an Icelander and your last name (not surname) Gudjohnsen, then from early youth to old age, deep football play you in top European clubs: from PSV to "Barcelona". The new club Eidur not without glamor — "Monaco". A lot of its northern wagon "Leopard" is not rescued, but a lot of it is not necessary.

22.51. Not once in the request for the match with "Deportivo" lateral "Real" Miguel Torres prigoryunilsya and pricked up his skis for the city — in Getafe. "Madrid Khimki" — welcoming dispensary for Madrid "kanteranos." Over the last couple of years there went to restore the tone of the game Soldado, Granero, De la Red, Parejo and Codina.

22.55. A Ilic, then wisely chose the club itself! Neither one is "Chelsea-Kazan", but a real "Moscow". That's working "citizens": the Sheshukova kept, and Slovenian overseas bummed.

23.00. Good old acquaintance of football fans backgammon Jean returned to Russia. And not just anywhere, but to Miodrag Bozovic under the wing. However, the official transition Ilic this information Globoesporte seems more doubtful.

23.20. Brazilian Deegan bored by his elder brother Kaka and also left the "Milan". However, in the "real" to him early, so that by the end of June 2010 will be a player to wear the shirt, "Lecce". Also, "Rossoneri" broke up a year from the Gabonese forward Aubameyang, it was not entirely clear why and converged.

23.35. "Wolves" strengthened the Austrian national team striker Stefan Maierhofer, who scored 23 goals in 37 appearances for the "Rapid". Such statistics albeit in a modest Austrian championship guarantees 27-year-old striker 3-year contract with the club the English Premier League.

That's how he played this guy before in the "wolves".

23.45. Meanwhile, the "Tottenham" loudly announces intention to purchase Niko Kranjcar and Martin Petrov. Harry Redknapp makes his midfield stronger and weaker competitors, and at the same time looking for and finding a replacement Luka Modric. In addition, maintains a constant number of Croats in the starting lineup for his club.

00.00. CSKA Moscow made a formal application to the Kiev Brazilian Guilherme and Danish Nigerian Sekou Oliseh, the rejected summer Moscow "Locomotive". Both players are young and hungry for Champions League games. Ricardo Zhezusa not unified.

00.14. Fabio Grosso podmahnul three-year contract with "Juventus". The amount of transfer — some 4 million euros. Not price-backs, not the price. I wonder how many millions has given the Australian Football Federation in 2006 for that Grosso had never approached the penalty area, its team. It seems a lot more.

01.12. And we say goodbye to you until tomorrow — good night, let the fans of "Spartacus" dream of a second star, fans of "Locomotive" Sychev scored a hat-trick, fans of CSKA — the return of Sergei Semak, zenitovskoy torsida that Vladimir Bystrov and it does not go anywhere, but to all users — transfer bomb tomorrow.

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