Transmashholding and Alstom Transport have started creating innovative electric trains for Russian Railways

ZAO "Transmashholding", together with its partner — the French company Alstom Transport has started to create fundamentally new ED10 EMUs.

New train is created with the expectation of operating at speeds up to 160 km / h, can include from 4 to 12 cars, work on multiple-unit. Body will be created with the use of corrosion-resistant steels, their lifespan is 40 years. The design will be used by modern asynchronous traction drive, new trucks, ensuring a higher ride and reduce the impact on the way; modular cabin. The new train will be equipped with passive safety. ED10 will be able to work on the lines of both high-and low platforms.

The cars will be lighter compared to existing designs that weight, along with the use of asynchronous drive will provide better energy efficiency of the new trains.

Particular attention is paid to the development of radically new design of the exterior and interior. Train will be equipped with seats for travel wheelchair users and devices that ensure a comfortable fit and drop-off at high and low platform.

The prototype ED10 should appear in 2012. The train is constructed as a base platform that will create new versions in the future.

Currently TransMashHolding absolutely dominates the Russian market motor-wagon rolling stock. Each year, a part of the company Demikhovsky Machine Works (Nut-Zuevsky district, Moscow region) produces several hundred electric train. In 2009, the holding company sold 569 units of rolling stock of that type plan for 2010 — 630 units. In the current product portfolio of the company — electric direct current and alternating current ÝÄ4Ì ED9M, trains and superior ED4MK ED9MK, DC train for intermodal transport ED4MKM-AERO. The creation and development of innovative electric Transmashholding is intended to provide leadership in this market for years to come.

The project to create ED10 implemented within the framework of the strategic partnership between the Russian and French companies joint engineering company "Technology rail." Besides trains partners since 2009 jointly develop two-system locomotive EP20 passenger and freight electric mains AC 2ES5.

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