TransMashHolding continues to increase the efficiency of production

TransMashHolding announced preliminary results of the use of lean manufacturing. Key performance indicators in pilot areas 9 factories have improved by 15-20%. These results were presented at the conference on April 2, which took place on Demikhovsky engineering plant. It was attended by the heads of TransMashHolding, representatives of Alstom Transport, as well as CEOs of companies that are part of the holding.

The system is being implemented lean manufacturing in factories TransMashHolding annually, on the basis of the pilot sites. It involves the training and improvement of working conditions. Today grasped the basics of technology for more than 26 thousand people — workers, engineers and managers. This year, these areas will be covered 75% of the production area. And by 2014 — is expected to complete the implementation of the new system. Let me remind you that this project — implemented in the framework of the Strategic Partnership Agreement with Alstom Transport TransMashHolding with the active participation of the French side.


TransMashHolding this:

  • Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant
  • Kolomna plant
  • Penzadieselmash
  • Bezhitsk Steel Plant
  • Tver Carriage Works
  • LUGANSKY Locomotive Plant
  • Oktyabrsky Electric Plant
  • Tsentrosvarmash
  • Transconverter
  • All-Russian Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Electric Locomotive

Lean manufacturing involves minimizing the following effects:

  • losses due to overproduction;
  • loss of time due to the waiting time;
  • losses in unnecessary transportation;
  • losses due to unnecessary processing steps;
  • losses due to excess inventory;
  • losses due to unnecessary movement;
  • loss of production due to a defective product.

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