TransMashHolding started tests mainline electric 2ES5

Engineers companies Transmashholding (TMH) and Alstom were factory tests of the first instance of the main cargo electric AC 2ES5. Work carried out on the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ, part of ZAO "Transmashholding").

2ES5 — Russia's first commercial electric AC induction motor drive. After completion of the work at the plant, which include stationary test and the test on the move on the factory flow-ring lokomotivupredstoit pass acceptance testing at landfills VNIIZhT. In parallel, the certification tests will be carried out to confirm compliance with safety on the railways. It is planned that the acceleration of ispytaniyna NEVZ will create a second copy of the locomotive.

The contract for the supply of 200 locomotives 2ES5 for the needs of "Russian Railways" was signed May 30, 2011. Deliveries will begin locomotives in late 2013. Under the contract, the Russian railway locomotives will receive 2ES5 until at least 2020. It is expected that this series of electric locomotives will be used on the railways of Eastern Siberia and the Far East.

2ES5 locomotive designed in Russian engineering center "TRTrans", which is created on an equal footing TMH and French engineering concern AlstomTransport. This locomotive — the second development "TRTransa" after a two-system passenger electric locomotive EP20, work on which was completed in 2012. With a single core platform, achieved the unification of locomotives at 75%, which will provide significant cost savings for maintenance of the park in real world conditions.

The massive use of new locomotives will significantly increase the carrying capacity of the Russian railways, improve energy efficiency and reduce the cost of transportation. The design of electric laid repeatedly increased compared to the standard models turnaround that will significantly reduce labor costs for maintenance of the park.

In addition, the electric locomotives provide the highest level of ergonomics and safety for the locomotive crew.

The design 2ES5 use the most modern technical solutions, including traction drive with asynchronous traction motors with individual inverter voltage, oil-free piston compressors with devices drying and cleaning the air, microprocessor-based control system and diagnostics. The program provides for the creation of a locomotive that the production of key components 2ES5 (including those developed abroad) will be hosted by Russian enterprises.

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