Trolleybus without the horns

Trolleybus no "horns"
Alexander Popov
In Novosibirsk, the presentation of local development — trolley on a stand alone course. City Hall has declared its readiness to adopt new technology in urban public transport, as refitting the existing fleet will cost much cheaper pads contact networks.
In Novosibirsk, the presentation of local development — trolley on a stand alone course
Photo: ITAR-TASSPrezentatsiya turned into a trolley ride from the intersection of Kirov and wax, which ends with the contact trolleybus network, to the streets of elective, which, of course, to get used to electric transportation was not able to. Participants in the event, among whom was the mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky, drove to the Pedagogical University. Residents of the neighborhood adjacent to the largest in the number of high school students, watched in amazement over trolley that stopped here for the first time. Perhaps in the near future route number 5 will be extended even further — to the CHP-5.

In fact, yesterday's presentation — not for the first test drive of the trolley. Just at this time, it was attended by top officials of the city government. Earlier, the "miracle machine" has already passed on the same route: first — as usual trolley, with the usual and familiar to many "horns", and then detached from the contact network — at least as a regular bus running, however, lithium-ion batteries . In the mayor's office noted that at the site construction of trolley lines — it is extremely costly (to extend the network would have cost more than 200 million rubles). Autonomous same trolley will move (in the future — and trams) to reach the most remote areas. Batteries for such vehicles municipality buys a factory lithium-ion batteries, which the company "Liotech" is building in the suburb of Novosibirsk, with the support of Chinese investors and the state corporation "RUSNANO".

Designer and manufacturer of electrical equipment for trolley — Novosibirsk NPF TERM APC, specializing in the production of equipment for electric transport and welding machines. Director of Victor Ovdin said in an interview, "the Russian leader" that Electrobus (the so-called trolley, able to travel without a network connection) — not a hybrid: the engine at it — the usual, but "tuned" by the 500kg lithium-ion batteries.

The difficulties associated with servicing these batteries: they need to be periodically recharged, and in the winter — warm. To control the drive and the cockpit are two powerful processors connected by a fiber-optic link. In the future, it will accurately calculate the energy consumption, provide dispatch functions and manage the electrical transport in the distance. Trolley assembly was conducted in Novosibirsk, the new machine was used modernized body, reinforced frame and the outer casing is made of galvanized steel sheet extruded from kleesvarnym connection (this increases the service life and reliability exploitation trolley). In this case, electrical equipment made from the floor to the roof, which will facilitate maintenance, and from the driver's cabin and removed the power equipment that will increase the safety of the new model. Also, new trolley buses will be equipped with GLONASS system, sensors and surveillance of filling the cabin. According to the developers, the new model has passed all tests, was licensed and thus became eligible for mass production.

Battery pack "hybrid" trolley is 870 thousand rubles, and all the accessories — about 4.3 million. In the mayor's office noted that the cost of a trolley full equipped — about 7 million. "In the near future will hold planning meetings at the factory on the First District, where the following program for the production of trolleybuses. We are on a trial basis first, not only in Siberia, but also in Russia will become to implement this form of transport "- promised yesterday Mayor Vladimir Gorodetsky, referring to a local business" Siberian trolley. " In the near future will be determined time staffing the new machines as a new route (you need to properly assess the budgetary possibilities). "We see a trolley on those lines that lead to new and distant neighborhoods", — concluded the mayor.

"I am convinced that this project is very promising. The economy of the new model for lithium ion batteries is quite convincing — consumes less electricity twice, no need to build traction substation ", — said Gorodetsky. Indeed, electrobuses greener and safer than conventional buses because they do not consume gasoline or other fuels, and thus do not produce emissions. In addition, they can drive around small obstacles, not arranging congestion on urban highways.

In addition, NPF ARS TERM ready for the introduction of similar technologies and trams. In Novosibirsk of this mode of transport is not going to give up, but instead plan to develop (including light rail, which is still in there). Railroad tracks once laid the outskirts of the city to the needs of the factory, the capital of Siberia missing. According to him, and you can run standalone trams …

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