Tsurpanau at large

Natalya Panasenko arbitrator found him guilty in the organization of the meeting of businessmen on Lenin Square on January 10.
Welcome Tsurpanova will come to public and party activists. Businessmen about Mogilev temporary detention was not. Activist is an event not confused.

"Pochetaemy" treated "BNF", "I.." In almost all of the cells changed. Nara gone, there are beds, mattresses, pillows, linens newcomer

"I was not astonished. Them and I did not expect.’ll Now forms the team of like-minded peers and in terms of the goals of the" Movement "- said" Freedom "Tsurpanau
Treated as a prisoner of the insulator and employees do not blame it to stay in the slammer? Tsurpanau continues:
"Only treated respectfully." Pochetaemy "treated" BNF "," I.. "In almost all of the cells changed. Gone Nara, there are beds, mattresses, pillows, linens only newcomer. Not until the radio."
Tsurpanova ruler in insulator "met" and the police: Senior Lieutenant without nametag guarding the street, and four of his colleagues — in the service UAZ.
In November 1997 Tsurpanau 10 days hunger strike in Mogilev temporary detention in character protest the illegal detention. Then activist accused of trying to disrupt the official event. In 2006 Tsurpanau was a member of the tent city October Square in Minsk. On Volodarka he served 10 days.

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