Tu-204SM completes certification

At present, almost all the tests are finished, except for the tests at low temperatures and high intensity of icing, which are likely to be held soon in the Arkhangelsk region. In the certification of the aircraft involved two Tu-204SM. Additional certification tests are carried out only within the framework of the major changes made to the Tu-204SM compared with the Tu-204-100.

Tu-204SM previously successfully fly off in Yakutsk when severe frosts, in the United Arab Emirates — at high temperatures, and also performed a number of take-offs and landings on wet surfaces.

This machine is a modernized version of the Tu-204-100. Tu-204SM installed PS-90A2, which differ from the basic PS-90 and higher rates of resource reliability. In addition, the aircraft has a new auxiliary power unit, new avionics, assemblies and systems. Tu-204SM reduced the number of crew members.

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