Tu-204SM started certification tests

In Zhukovsky began certification testing of prospective passenger aircraft Tu-204SM, developed by JSC "Tupolev" and produced "Aviastar-SP".

The first test flight of the airliner took place on December 29 at the Ulyanovsk region. "The aircraft is equipped with a new Russian engine PS-90A2, which has already been certified Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Regulations AP-33, to the maximum extent harmonized with European standards. The aircraft is also equipped with a completely new auxiliary power unit "- quoted by ITAR-TASS as saying Director CDB" Tupolev "Valery Solozobova.

The bulk of the tests will have a new on-board electronic equipment airliner.

Tu-204SM can stay in the air without refueling around 9:00. Range — about 4 kilometers. The aircraft is equipped with a new navigation, radio communication, instrumentation, which will operate the aircraft crew of three is not like it used to, and from two people.

According Solozobova, now at the production plant in Ulyanovsk in various stages of assembly are six Tu-204SM.

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