Tube bending machines ugs-6/1A

Tube bending machine UGS-6/1A MEM-3101-№ 1A allows bending labor-intensive operations with different types of profiles. Bending shaped tube by means of a special roller, whereby processing technology as automated. Machine MMP-3101-№ 1A operates in manual and automatic modes. A special electronic control system ensures uninterrupted operation of the machine. Dynamic braking ensures durability and comfort while bending shaped tube. This system allows the foot pedal or remote control to stop the main drive. Additional equipment industrial equipment allows the bending operation of various operational levels. Thus, due to its technical characteristics, pipe bending machines CSD-6 may be mounted on any coating or a solid foundation, because it does not require a specially equipped area. In addition, a pipe bending machine, the price of which is accessible even to small entrepreneurs, quickly pays for itself due to its high performance and quality of the final product.

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