Tula Cornet win Thailand

  • Kornet-EM in marching and fighting position
  • Kornet-EM in marching and fighting position

Of "Instrument Design Bureau" (Tula) introduced the first high-precision long-range missile "Kornet-EM" on display Defense Security — 2012 in Bangkok (Thailand) in March.

Complex "Kornet-EM" is capable of hitting not only modern tanks, but also fighting machines that will appear in the future. Rockets "Cornet" capable of overcoming explosive reactive armor. They effectively penetrate concrete walls, are able to shoot down surface and air targets (UAVs, helicopters) at a range of up to 10 thousand meters.

In addition, the company presented the Tula-hand infantry flame-thrower RPO PDM-A "Bee-M" and large-caliber sniper rifle videoconferencing.


Photo: the official website of "PCU"

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