Tula has upgraded the production of styrene plastic

 Photo source:plastic-uzl.ru

Tul., 21.09.2011g.

"Plastic" (Central, Tula region, part of "SIBUR") completed a project to expand capacity for the manufacture of styrene worth more than 300 million rubles.

After upgrading the power plant for the production of styrene increased 1.5 times — up to 60 thousand tons per year. Styrene production is part of the production chain "plastic" for the production of polystyrene and ABS plastics.

The modernization of the reconstructed superheater and furnace distillation column was replaced steam-ejector systems to modern liquid ring vacuum systems.
New technologies have improved the production of a number of environmental parameters. In particular, the replacement of conventional burners on injection has reduced emissions of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.
In addition, the "Plastic" invested in the implementation of environmental programs in 2010-2011, 39 million rubles. The company has implemented an automated system monitoring, control and protection of the process and equipment with microprocessor control technology.

 Photo source:rupec.ru

"Plastic" produces styrene, polystyrene, phenolic plastic, ABS-Pastika, geosynthetic materials, household goods.

But good for the region in the form of employment of the population (it employs more than 1,000 people), contributions to the treasury area, "plastic" and able to help in resolving problems with the roads. It produces new geosynthetic materials that will increase the strength of the pavement 2-4 times and reduce the consumption of crushed stone. The service life of roads increases many times. Governor Vladimir Gruzdev already interested in offering guidance "plastic" build roads together.

ABS plastics are widely used for the manufacture of structural and decorative details exterior and interior trim, interior parts of refrigerators and other household appliances, medical devices, instrument-making in the industry.

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