Tula Oblast Clinical Hospital received ultrasound scanners VIVID E9

At Monday, August 19, in the Tula Regional Hospital presented transesophageal ultrasound method to the study of the heart device expert class "VIVID E9". As noted in the "Tula news" at the beginning of this year as part of the health care of the Tula region in 2009-2016 years. in the department of functional diagnostics of the Tula Regional Hospital acquired two modern ultrasound device equipped with transesophageal ultrasound probe. The cost of each drug 11 million 50 thousand rubles.
 The diagnostic method is superior to conventional echocardiography vnutrepischevodnoy transthoracic echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart). This is because the ultrasonic probe chrespischevoy injected directly into the esophagus and is in close proximity to the heart.

Vivid E9 — it's cardio-vascular ultrasound scanner expert class specially designed for 4D studies from ergonomics, data collection, data management and finishing. Scanner Vivid E9 — is a unique development from GE Healthcare.

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