Tula police of Americans do not take bribes

A citizen of the United States made an unsuccessful attempt to bribe a police officer Tula to contribute to the release of his friend Uzbeks. Now he himself faces a prison sentence.

In the police department, "Zaokskiy" regional center was unemployed American living in Moscow, the newspaper "Tula news". The petitioner has come to apply for release of his friend — who was born in Uzbekistan. To promote business and save on Uzbek jail for disorderly conduct, "Moscow" American decided to bribe a police officer a bribe of three thousand rubles.

However, the police captain Sasin money is not taken, and the briber delayed. And now the investigating authorities of the Tula region opened a criminal case against U.S. citizen on the attempt to bribe a police officer, said a senior aide SC SC region Olga Bobrova.

As informs "Interfax", a criminal case was opened under Part 3. 30 and Part 3. 291 of the Criminal Code — "official bribery", which provides up to 8 years in prison.

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