Turkmenistan buys 100 bulldozers CTZ

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant concludes the largest in the last two years, the export contract for the supply of 100 bulldozers B10 (B-10M) in Turkmenistan. The client is the Ministry of Water Resources of the Republic. As the director of a foreign trade company, Vladimir Klein, CTZ all equipment must be shipped within three months.

It's about supplying the usual mass-produced cars with a manual transmission without a ripper, with a larger blade. But tractors equip more powerful air filter and a larger intake that will allow them to work in a dusty area, even in the desert. On the radiator grille will put an additional safety net to the cooling system has not scored jungle down. Such options have appeared after using the first batch of machines: in 2007, Ministry of Water Resources of Turkmenistan has already purchased one hundred similar bulldozers CTZ. They have proved effective in work on laying the channels. It is no accident Turkmen irrigators again opted Chelyabinsk machines.

— As bulldozers CTZ will be used extensively — in two shifts, the customer has asked to increase their guaranteed life with one and a half to two and a half thousand hours, — says Vladimir Klein. — During the year, lasts until the warranty period, Turkmenistan will always be two specialists CTZ are subject to recall every two to three months. Their mission — to perform warranty tracking technology CTZ.
Drain the desert …

Deputy Head of warranty product support (OGSP) Suhnin Alexander and his colleagues worked in Turkmenistan since November 2007 to August 2008, when the first hundred bulldozers served CTZ. In July and August, a new batch of cars will arrive in the country, and experts CTZ department once again be a long "southern" trip.

— CTZ Bulldozers are used when planning clay-sandy soil, when channels are run — says Sukhinin. — In some parts of the Karakum desert by excessive irrigation was waterlogging of the soil. It is completely overgrown with reeds, so that the channels had to be built to divert water and drainage … the desert. Their construction work our tractors, which were distributed to the five provinces — areas of the country. Each was in charge of the dealer mechanic CTZ — Firm "Yarav" and, if necessary, we drove or flew the aircraft to the worksite.

— I was instructed to training of Turkmen tractor drivers and mechanics — adds bureau chief Anatoly Chaikin. — In each of the provinces held a three-day courses. And if the mechanics are basically saying in Russian, the tractor drivers trained through an interpreter.

According to experts OGSP, technology CTZ showed themselves well, the mechanics did not complain, did not have any claims.

For dust control was already booked for the plant safety net, it is set in place. Now it is done immediately at the company.

The constant presence of experts CTZ in Ashgabat gave a good effect.

— Spare parts had enough and we solved all the problems quickly, — says Anatoly Chaikin. — There were also surprises in January in the desert at night the temperature dropped to minus thirty! The locals have not seen such cold and calmly ran the water cooling system. As a result, engine thawed at a tractor.

Turkmen then we jokingly said that it Urals brought such an anomalous cold — smiles Sukhinin. — A minus fifteen in the afternoon we had at the time. But those whose trip has fallen for the summer, I had to literally a sweat in the Turkmen heat.

Took tractor-Oriental-welcome and hospitality. Case in point: after the memo, written by our experts, a local mechanic was almost fired. And it was for that. But when Chelyabinsk were leaving that — an avid hunter — has prepared for them a wounded boar and spent an extremely warm.

So there Suhinina and his comrades were good impression of the work in Turkmenistan. And if sales will continue to grow, factory workers more than once happen to be in the Karakum Desert, where the Chelyabinsk Tractor habitually cross the sand dunes …

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