TURKMENNEFT get new tankers

"KrAZ" prepared for shipment to the address of one of the largest oil and gas company of Turkmenistan batch of 10 tankers ATSNG-8-6322.

Special machines are designed for the transport of fluids, density of 0.85 — 1.35 g/cm3 for all types of roads.


Vosmikubovaya tank is based on one of the most popular models of KrAZ, created specifically for use in particularly difficult road and weather conditions — wheel drive chassis KrAZ-6322 6×6 wheel.

Superstructure made by one of the enterprises of the Ministry of Defence, which guarantees the highest quality of workmanship.

The tank is made of carbon steel with a thickness of 4 mm, equipped with a warning device filling and a special pump for dispensing fluids of high density.

Shipment is scheduled for completion by the end of this week. Tankers ATSNG-8-6322 will carry a special mud deposits TURKMENNEFT.

Traditionally, our potential customers in Turkmenistan are predominantly oil and gas companies and the Ministry of Construction. Many years of experience in operating KrAZ mining companies Turkmenistan showed that buses on KrAZ, compared with peers, most suited for operation in mountainous terrain.

Deliveries to customers in Turkmenistan are conducted primarily through the company «YARAW». This company also provides warranty and service.

Until the end of the year plans to ship to Turkmenistan KrAZ several batches of special equipment.

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