Tver Carriage Works mastered the western market

The car body is international class RIC, developed by JSC "SEZ" is together with Siemens, is preparing for the static tests, which will soon be held in Austria.

Recall that in 2009 an agreement was signed between Russian Railways and Siemens to supply 200 carriages class RIC. Then it became known that the direct participation in the design and construction of the car will Tver Carriage Works (part of ZAO "Transmashholding"). The new cars will be in line with European and Russian requirements for use of cars. For example, when building using five different strains used in electric railways of Russia and Europe, all the cars class RIC equipped with two sets of trucks, taking into account the fact that the Russian Federation and the European countries, the different width of the railway track. The new cars will meet all international requirements relating to sanitation, environmental performance, passenger comfort, fire safety, traffic safety, etc. In this case, certification of cars will be conducted in accordance with Russian and European standards.
It is planned that the work on the project will run until 2014. At the moment we are preparing for the static tests of the car body. Has already passed the certification of equipment to be used in testing the body. Next week, the delegation of the Tver Carriage Works, Russian Railways and certification register by the federal railways will go to Austria for receiving the body of the car, as well as the installation of 170 sensors to carry out further tests. A scheduled for August static tests on the body compression — tension (thus checked his strength characteristics).
There is still a lot of work on testing the car class RIC, because for the Russian railway engineering — is a fundamentally new products. Until now, the international class RIC cars in Russia have been issued. According to the deputy director of quality certification, metrology and testing — the main Metrology of "TIZ" Roman Platonov for Tver Carriage Works with partners from the Siemens may be the first step to enter the Western markets, and this is a great opportunity to compete for a spot on the international rail transport.

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