Tver scientists have developed a new anti-icing agent — melt away


On the roads of Tver significantly increased the number of road accidents. The reason most small accidents — road slippery. To meet the challenges of winter roads scientists Tver State Technical University offer a unique eco-friendly agent. Using similar invention anywhere in the world.

New antigololed scientists named "Melt away". It is composed of natural peat and organic additives. Scientists have them blended, passed through a special machine — granulator. Installing the operating-type grinder for an hour and can produce a ton of finished pellets. Getting on the ice surface, "melt away" makes it rough and like a grater. Thanks to the black color, the reagent absorbs sunlight, heat, and literally drowns icy crust. The substance is an eco-friendly, harmless and can then be used as fertilizer. Sergei Gamayuk, Ph.D., Project Manager, talks about the benefits: "It is several times lighter than the same sand, less toxic, because there is no salt is chlorine, it is more convenient to use, for the simple reason that it cheaper than existing materials. " In comparison: to "Rastopita" will cost about 600 rubles, and a ton of Pasco-salt mixture — in 1073 the ruble. Consumption of new material, too little less. But while the sand and salt are the main materials for processing antigolednymi main streets and sidewalks. Public utilities recognize that this method is outdated and inefficient, especially when severe frosts. Sand scores and prints of standing collector drains, and suffer from salt coating cars and pedestrians shoes. Go to the new reagent public utilities does not allow the current contract, but such a possibility in the future they do not rule. Boris Arakelov, director of the MUP "housing office", said: "The issue is to finance these activities. If matching funds will be incorporated in the budget of the city of Tver, of course, we will proceed to the procurement of appropriate technology that will allow this material to be used." While the "melt away" instead of sand can use separate management companies or community facilities for sprinkling of the territory. It is possible that in the next year, the new agent will appear on the main streets of Tver.



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