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Coincidence, but the book "Ladies" came a day verdict Alexander Tamkovich. In the last days of last year Pershamaiski district tribunal ordered the journalist to pay 1 million rubles in favor of Nikolai Cherginets: writer and senator found himself insulted Tamkovich article written in the newspaper "New Era". And although the printing costs were added to the same is not programmed, the creator happy effect of the book.
"We loved it for the promotion of women’s topics"
Chairman of the Belarusian Women’s League, Ph.D. Nina Stuzhinskaya first began distributing books Alexander Tamkovich during seminars organized by her organization:
"My audience is very interested in the fact, that lady’s experience, even more so such social and political activist, was known in the community. Because, of course, very welcomed this book. Efforts, perhaps organizations ladies, I think, in a society changing assessment of I didand ladies in over great historic stretch of road … "
Reporter: "And the fact that the creator — man, what range to add?"
"Totally welcome We even loved Alexander (laughs) for his popularization of such female threads. This all the more curious. And the approach here is not just personal, as I say, the list of" born-baptized. "He was very successful as the interviewer job. And honestly touched. Something I esteemed and think: Now, maybe such and would not say. But at the moment he was able to find such an approach that some things and told. "
To the barricades — without sex
What made Alexander Tamkovich who once started their own journalistic way in the military newspaper "To the glory of the motherland", and later was deputy head editor of the weekly "Free announcements" to undertake a writing contemporary women’s stories? Maybe languid disease that does not let Alexander has been a couple of years, has led to journalistic tests? Oh, so it meets the creator:

"The meaning of the book is to show that ladies are no different from those who are currently climbing the barricades. Ladies suffer no less for their thoughts, and maybe even more — unlike those guys, they still have a strong sense of family, a sense of home. Dame — it first hostess. Her more experiences for sons, for husbands and fathers. Incidentally, I immediately started making "Dame" and the second part of "Destiny." So, here, the book "Ladies" is already there, and "Destiny"-somewhere just in the center (here 23 materials, but in the collected only 12.) In other words, in This is the meaninge ladies are more disciplined. Some politicians I "seek" for three years and I can not realize that what they always so busy? So fight against the regime, it is unrealistic to get them. "
"Frail sex" — only in the stereotyped
In joining Alexander Tomkovich writes book "Ladies" — not an attempt at gender zavastrytstsa dilemmas. A lady chosen specifically in order to somehow "neutralize" from time to time contemptuous attitude towards them "strong half the world’s population." "These interviews demonstrate tongued: Tipo" weak sex "is not itself too weak," — says the creator. With this and the same findings of other heroines books agree critic, human rights activist "for free exercise of religion" Valentine Trigubovich. It says that Alexander Tomkovich makes necessary the case:
"It’s almost a continuation of the project Tamkovich, for which he previously did. Just there wasand mixed in what is called, both men and ladies. He makes a fascinating case, exactly. "
Reporter: "And as for the" provision "of ladies in a separate book? … "
"Why not? Allocate a different social groups in order to examine more closely some phenomenon. Separately youth separately, conditionally say, businessmen or farmers or anyone else. All has the right to to exist. There is something … Especially since I am convinced that our society is patriarchal as before, and everything, even our most sophisticated ladies all the same have within themselves this element seems to be the recognition of male supremacy. A society of bad, as in real life ladies take up more space than in our social and political life. "
Midst heroines Tamkovich — known in the country activist public, social, political movement. Besides those already mentioned, here Julia Chigir Inna Cooley, Lyudmila Karpenko, Ira Kozulin, Tatiana Protko Lyudmila Hraznova Valentina Svyatskaya Olga Ipatova Svetlana Aleksievich Natalia Gaida, Kasia Kamotskaya and others.
Also there was a place to ladies who may not be as visible, but your own accurate plain not only inspire, but give an example of "strong floor" Nina Dovguchits Zinaida Tsimoshak Galina Siuchyk Antonina Kovalev, Ira Pear, Maria Bogdanovich .
During the preparation of the book help the creator had independent Institute for Socio-economic and political research and the Belarusian Association of Journalists.

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