U.S. NAVY ALMOST STEALTH BOMBER BUILT, which nearly empty it to the bottom

U.S. NAVY ALMOST STEALTH BOMBER BUILT, which nearly empty it to the bottom
While South American military has to his credit many somehow implemented technology projects — just look at the V-22 Osprey program from either «Littoral combat ship» — but the A-12 Avenger II is the most compelling candidate for the title of the worst of all. He was so poorly coordinated that if he had finished, he could sink the entire budget of the U.S. Navy.

A-12 Avenger II was a double, all weather stealth bomber from taking off from an aircraft carrier; it was developed in the framework of programs from the Navy Advanced Tactical Aircraft (ATA), which was oriented to replace obsolete A-6 Intruders by 1994.

Built by McDonnell Douglas / General Dynamics, A-12 design was a «flying wing», which significantly reduced the radar and infrared signature of the aircraft compared with the A-6. His twin turbofan engines allow unforced A-12 to carry 2000 kg of load with the highest speed of 925 kilometers per hour.

Unfortunately, the program A-12 had never looked up from the ground, struck by severe cost overruns and delays unchanged. Model airplane weighed 30 percent heavier than was laid down in the specifications of the design, in the end what he could not soar with aircraft carriers, which has been calculated. All the same project, according to some estimates, could do 70 percent of the total budget of the U.S. Navy for three years.

For all these reasons, together with the reduction of military budgets in the era after the cool war led coming Defence Minister Dick Cheney to the decision to close the failed one hundred percent in program from 1991. Instead it focused on Fleet multifunctional fighters like F-18 Super Hornet and F-14 Tomcat instead of the least flexible model stealth bomber.

And although most A-12 Avenger II no longer exists, most advanced avionics systems it found a use in the later F-117 bombers. A few parts of the plane and were quite on eBay.

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