U.S. Special Forces ordered extra NUMBER drones SCANEAGLE

U.S. Special Forces ordered extra NUMBER drones SCANEAGLE
U.S. special forces mission ordered additional unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) «Scan Eagle» (ScanEagle). The Ministry of Defence has issued the company «Boeing» contract price of $ 300 million for the supply of tactical UAV Insitu ScanEagle and organizations related services for their operation.

The Treaty provides for the substitution of the available number of armed UAVs, spare parts and materials used, and the organization of representatives of the theater of operations, in addition to the operators to manage devices from the U.S. Navy. Contract work should be completed by September 2016

Company «Boeing» received the first 5-year contract price of $ 250 million for the Special Operations Forces Command USSOCOM (US Special Operations Command) in May 2009

UAV «Scan Eagle» has a length of 1.2 m and a wingspan of 3 m run with a pneumatic catapult, making flights longer than 20 hours at altitudes up to 3000 meters. Apparatus resettled optoelectronic, and infrared cameras with high resolution that allow operators to accompany both stationary and moving targets. To rescue UAV system is used to pick-up a network of air «Skyhawk» (Skyhook).

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