Ugric referred Belarusian Communist order exemplary

By Turmera, if Hungary returned to socialism, it would have grown significantly welfare. 55-year-old Hungarian Communist convinced that his fellow citizens have never lived so well, as in the days of the Hungarian People’s Republic of (1949-1989 gg.). Now at home Turmera at him, reigns "dictatorship means" eventually "nealiberalizmu" "country lost human form."
Dyula Turmer dream that soon his party, very not very popular among the population, still fall into Ugric Parliament, writes Die Presse.
Dyula Turmer visited Belarus in November last year. During his speech at the International Conference of Communist and workers’ parties, on the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution, he urged the audience to support the policy Alexander Lukashenko and to oppose U.S. and EU sanctions.

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