Understanding between Albanians and Serbs unenforceable?

When it comes to Kosovo, the main question in the political and geopolitical dimensions. How are ordinary people live there? What relations between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs? How to apply to everyday difficulties Kosovo Serbs in Belgrade?
Drakakhrust"Valentinas that your memories of life in Kosovo?"
Mite"In short answer to this question, people live very hard. Unemployment in Kosovo — more than 60%. When you go out on the street Kosovo’s capital Pristina, is to note that around almost no old, very often young people everywhere.
Have the highest unemployment particularly among young people, young people do not have jobs, or they are trained, but they know that when they graduate from university, then their wages will not. And if it is, it is very small. Say, doctor in Pristina receives a salary of 200 euros. This is the same as a cleaning lady at the consulate receives the UN in Kosovo.
A lot of prices. Bread — half euro hamburger — euro still need to pay for electricity, for drugs.

Electricity situation is similar to Baghdad. 2:00 electricity is, in 3 hours later disappears, no system in these off no. It’s been a couple of years, and this reason people go.

By the way, if you talk about the electricity, the situation is similar to Baghdad, in which I was a few years ago. 2:00 electricity is, in 3 hours later disappears, reappears later, with no system in this trip is not. And it goes on for a couple of years, and this reason people go.

But the curious thing — when you talk to the Albanians, they said: "Yes, it is hard, yes, this accursed place, we can not leave, but we wish to live separately from the Serbs. We want independence."
Drakakhrust"How are things between albanskay and Serbian communities in Kosovo, there may be a mutual understanding between them?"
Mite"In my opinion, no. I was in Mitrovica. This city is divided into two parts: in the north of the Serbs living in the south — the Albanians. I was in the village Chaglovitsa, near Pristina, this village is also partitioned into two parts expensive. And between these parts have nothing in common.
Serbs live like in Serbia. If Kosovo’s currency — the euro, these Serb enclave — Serbian dinar. There rooms cars — Serbian and Kosovo not.
There comes a fascinating war posters. If albanskay Kosovo portraits of Bill Clinton, Clinton is a street, portraits of Bush, the Serb part of Mitrovica portraits of Putin and much much.

In albanskay hang portraits of the Clinton and Bush administrations, in the Serbian-Putin.

I beheld the poster, where the top two portraits Vojislav Seselj — this favorite Constructive Party of Serbia, which is currently in the Hague Court, and across the bottom — two portraits of Putin.
In the northern part of Mitrovica say you from Russia — it is such a big plus for you, it’s hard to imagine for themselves. Just as in albanskay Pristina say that you’re the Yankees. Then you, too, a demigod. "
Drakakhrust"You have uttered about what they want Kosovo Albanians. How behold the Kosovo Serbs their future?"
Mite"Kosovo Serbs in Kosovo behold the most own as part of Serbia. Continuing the theme of the posters, I beheld posters:" The Serbian army, help us to Kosovo’s remaining Serbs. "None of what integration is not going there. They live in a typical Bantustans, Serbia is such small scattered areas of Kosovo. "
Drakakhrust"Vorachivayas to the weighty socio-economic situation, which, according to your story, dominates in Kosovo. What they say experts and ordinary people, the reason — or that it is the usual poor region, or in the middle position, in which they were: either part of Serbia, or a UN protectorate, or something strange? "
Mite"The reason and in fact, and in another. Kosovo has two centers of power: it is the UN Consulate and local administrations. To pass a law, they must agree among themselves, come to a consensus.
Kosovo does not really such a poor region. I read as experts that coal deposits Kosovo comes in five of the most affluent regions in Europe. Coal is, power plants operate.
I asked economists, analysts and journalists: "So why is no electricity?" The answer was, "Why steal." Who steals as stealing — it remains for me the secret, but no electricity.

The main desire in young people — even how to leave Kosovo by the West.

Do people have the imagination — that we will have a certain status, we will separate from Serbia, then we will go to the flow of investment and everything will change. But when you talk to young people in their main desire — as quickly as possible, though what method to leave Kosovo to the West. But Kosovo — as they say they are — should be independent from Serbia. "
Drakakhrust"And now, together with you fast forward to actually Serbia, in Belgrade, where you will be visited during your trip. How people live there and that byalgradtsy think about the situation in Kosovo?"
Mite"In general, strongly byalgradtsy little thought about the situation in Kosovo, because they have huge everyday tasks: how to find a job, how to pay the rent (and apartments in Belgrade are very expensive).
With global media may get impression that Serbiya — very pro-Russian government. But I talked to so many people in Serbia, and not only with analysts and significant pro-Russian emotions I have not seen. Young people and even people 40 years of age usually respond to you in English, Russian language they do not understand.

The European Union in Serbia is seen as a magic entry into that will solve all difficulties.

Serbs they say — we need to go to the EU. By the way, in Serbia and the EU is perceived as a magic entry into that will solve all prepyadstviya.
Another thing I saw — the Serbs still have not forgotten how NATO bombed Serbia. They said: "We are Europeans, we — your. We had a government that many are not supported, we were crowded demonstrations against him, but you bombarded us. "That they remember to this day. But they consider themselves Europeans and want the European Alliance, and not in an alliance, say, Russia and Belarus. "

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