Unhealthy in Navaelnya ended hunger strike

Yesterday 102 people in the Republican Tuberculosis clinic, located in Navaelnya Grodno region, signed the complaint to the chief doctor and refused to go for breakfast.

Most of the patients who have signed up, did not know what was written in this complaint

But yesterday evening virtually all, for small exception, came to dinner at the hospital canteen.
Dougan: "When we started to deal with this matter, revealed that the majority of patients who have signed, did not know what was written in this complaint. They were that sign up for the fact that the day was a stinging round water to release in place, better fed, but the text on Actually people did not know. "
According to Vyacheslav Dougan, the main requirement was that the unhealthy have the opportunity to enter the town. But, as noted by the chief doctor, patients have acquired TB, and if they are taken to the clinic, then allowed to sign a document which stipulated that unhealthy forbidden to leave the area clinics.
Moreover, says the doctor, many of the patients in the village buys vodka and later intoxicated vorachivaetsya the clinic and threatened medical personnel.
One of the protest organizers, Sergei Voronov, says that the hunger strike indefinitely suspended, as the administration has promised to add heat in the wards and make better food.
Ravens: "But in the village, we can not go, so that there not made all the necessary conditions. Withdraw funds from the bank on the card — you need to go to the village, to the pharmacy — back to the village and buy odezhku — also, because people here are for a couple of years. We actually live here, realize? "
Hunger and discussions are resoundingly inhabitants of the village. They have a couple of times collected signatures to various authorities to close the clinic, as worried about health — and their own children.
Chairman of the County Council Nikolai Matyukevich says that complaints from the inhabitants of the village clinic for patients and get to it.

"Contingent these people about 80% — ex-convicts or drunks

Matyukevich: "Contingent these people approximately 80% — ex-convicts or drunkards. And when they came to the village (obviously not all), many behaved indecent: people coughing, spitting. It is clear that mestechkovtsy started to worry about their health and their own kids. "
But the emperor Matyukevich draws attention and the other problem of:
Matyukevich: "I perfectly understand that these unhealthy people too … And another problem is that close this clinic — means to lose 165 jobs. As more ladies working here. We have some in the establishment but there are busy in the main men. The problem of this diverse and asks very balanced approach. "

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