Updated T-72 will be in demand in the market

Updated T-72 will be in demand in the market
Scientific and Production Company «Uralvagonzavod» believes that the new options for upgrading T-72 tank expects commercial success

The exhibition Russian Arms EXPO 2013 in Nizhny Tagil, the first time the company has introduced two new variants of the modernization of T-72 tanks. First reference resettled export modification complex active protection (KAZ) «Arena-E.» The system provides protection from the damaging parts, moving at a speed of 70 to 1000 meters per second. It allows you to provide the highest level of protection against RPG-7 anti-tank and a number of shells and rockets.

But despite the protection from certain cumulative ammunition, «Arena-E» is experiencing some difficulties in neutralizing armor-piercing projectiles with a detachable tray, which have an average speed of 1,400 meters per second. KAZ makes the protection of azimuth in the radial range of 360 degrees and the angle of elevation in the spectrum from -6 to +20 degrees, effective protection against simultaneous 2-damaging objects. The complex is provided with a locking mechanism that prevents the system to react to minor injuries, such as machine-gun fire. Not counting the «Arena-E», the tank is installed complex active armor developed in the Research Institute of Steel, which is to resist allowing cumulative and armor-piercing projectiles with a detachable tray. Weight T-72 tank, Curb these systems is, according to representatives of Uralvagonzavod, 44.5 tons. The second is a modification of the standard T-72 for combat in urban criteria. It equipped with an active armor that protects the tank hull, turret and chassis. The rear of the turret and hull armor protected the grid to improve the protection of the tank grenade RPG-7. System «Cloud» in case of danger of setting provides a smokescreen.

The main armament of both tanks are upgraded 2A46M gun, coaxial machine gun and anti-aircraft NSVT PKTM. Configuration touched and electrical equipment. Was fitted with advanced complex with a view day and night vision, laser rangefinder and laser capture system goals. Innovation is the introduction of a computerized system for tracking purpose. As the power plant is used in the engine-92S2. Other configurations touched dozer blade: instead of its standard installation on the lower frontal projection offered the option to install the tank dozer blade. Both versions are equipped device modernization elimination of improvised explosive devices, NBC protection system, detection system and undermine various munitions and special camouflage coloring, type and color of which may vary depending on the region of introduction of the tank.

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