V.Avramenka: Purpose deshevenky Belarusian pharmaceuticals — savings

Ulitenok: "The Emperor Basil, or capacious market pharmaceuticals Belarus?"
Avramenko: "About 3 thousand drugs. But far not all of them can use our doctors."
Ulitenok: "What’s the problem?"
Avramenko: "The fact afterdnie about 5 years medicine works by Belarusian standards. For certain diseases are only offered certain drugs. And, of course, this is largely Russian, Belarusian medicine. First, that concerns the hospitals and preferential recipes for invalids, pensioners and so on . "
Ulitenok: "Why introduce these standards?"
Avramenko: "In the future, will be such a doctor-computer: refers finger, drawing blood by 50 indicators. Provided diagnosis and prescription: that take, in what doses … Well, now seemingly standards simplify the work of the doctor, it becomes more mechanical."
Ulitenok: "The main thing is for sure, all the same in the other?"
Avramenko "Purpose deshevenky Belarusian medicines — just cost savings."
Ulitenok "Does Prof. base fluctuate efficiency Russian pharmaceuticals?"
Avramenko "Our drug industry is not the most advanced in the world. A hunt treated unhealthy possible better! But there is vneglasnoe hospitals, and from time to time and even an outright ban on the purpose of pharmaceuticals that are not included in the standards. "
Ulittsenak: "Can this situation provokes Belarusian pharmaceuticals? "
Avramenko: "Some efforts are made to catch up with the favorites … But still new, more effective drugs in almost all areas — kardyyalegiya, nevralegiya, geriatrician, ankalegiya and others — much like earlier imported from other countries, expensive, inaccessible to the majority."
Ulitenok: "Advise the ordinary: what to do?"
Avramenko: "There are Russian preparations that there is not much inferior to the best possible — fayzeravskim or drugs of any other well-known brands."
Ulitenok: "And yet: the best a cheap or expensive Russian foreign drugs?"
Avramenko: "For example, if imported from other countries are 8-10 times higher, respectively, then the efficiency is 3-4 times better than ours. But here it is necessary to focus on something else: to consult with your doctor."

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