V.Gorbachev: investigator buys time

"The results of the examination of the content of alcohol in the body negative — Sovereign states Gorbachev — in soon I fundamentally do not drink alcoholic beverages. "
Victor Gorbachev had already written statement now afternoon was offended person unknown to him in the train Krupki Borisov. Policeman Lihachevsky elicits further clarification from him and wife Svetlana. Gorbachev said:
"Of course, the investigator Lihachevsky buys time to wait for the order of the authorities, what to do further — to find new arguments for the detention or release of the plot. "
Senior Lieutenant Paul Lihachevsky refused to talk with the correspondent of "Freedom." In the reception room of the Borisov district police chief Anatoly Gavrukovichem said he Tipo left on "any emergency."

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