V.Gorbachev: There is no progress — will strike

According favorite campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev, of those business to be were now working, not come to work more than 50 percent. Before the New Year, Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree extended until March 1, the preferential transition criterion of personal business in private unitary enterprises. Victor Gorbachev said:
"This decree decided nothing in general. Authority will act aggressively for us if we remain silent. If we will firmly defend themselves, then must be progress. All remain in force: the organization and carrying out of defensive stocks on the rise within the Constitution, rallies, strikes, and so on.
These couple of weeks all the rest, as they can take a vacation from January 1 to 15. Later — on the last meeting it was decided that on January 10 they will come to October Square and speak out about how the authorities are businessmen. And in February, if no progress will not begin republican strike. "
According to a member of the coordinating council of businessmen Ales Makaeva, Now in Minsk went to work about 90 percent of small traders. Entrepreneurs take vacations without splachvayuts not only taxes, and rent. For example, in the construction market "Zhdanovichi" 1200 places. Rent is not paid nearly 200 dealers. Prince Makaeu said:
"Expressions Lukashenko were recently the New Year. Businessmen just fists stsiskayutstsa. Only solidarity we can withstand the pressure of the country. Jan. 10 held a huge collection of business on October Square in Minsk.
Failure that most of us will not be able to work in personal criteria unitary enterprises. Because there is no inverse funds, no lines of credit conditions are not spelled out acts of legal persons. Lukashenko read about grayish scheme businessmen. This is heresy. Official authority heresy induced before the New Year. This is for the Belarusian people officially stated that we Tipo speculators huckster and renegades. And the government has made us favorable terms. All of this heresy. There was preferential criterion. And at the moment is the extermination of entrepreneurship. "
According to the lawyer Sergei Balykina, tsyvilizavanasts country is determined attitude to business:
"But, unfortunately, these approaches, when everyone in the army, is forced to do some act, can not be called civilized. As for equal criterion, the criterion of equal will never be as naikrupneyshim businesses will have the best conditions. Lukashenko read that will have equal conditions for the importation of products in the customs territory of Belarus. If it tends to make these equal conditions, why is it then limits the number of employees in private business?
For most of the business issue is not solved, because for them the legal personality of bad for all the criteria. "

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