V. Havel offers to give visas to Belarusians for 35 euros

The document, signed by Czech politicians, outlining three options visa policy against Belarus. First, which is being implemented at the moment — to raise the price of visas to 60 euros and declare that the decrease is not likely until Belarus will become a democratic state.
Second option — to start negotiations on visa dilemma with Belarusian authorities. But, according to opinion, the creators of the appeal, such negotiations would be legitimized Belarusian authorities, which are also not very interested in that, so went to Belarusian citizens EU countries.
Finally, the third option, which served the best creator of Appeal — set price for a Schengen visa all Belarusian people, regardless of their relationship with the authorities in their home country in the amount of 35 euros. Specifically, such a price of Schengen visas for people of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

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