V.Krival: Own way we have to go to the end

Ulitenok: "Who, except the authorities should pay attention to the steps in the business environment?"
Kryval: "Need to displace joined political forces. Let’s remember though, the last time I cut the main thoroughfare of the capital? For more than 10 years. Would not a lot about what that says?"
Ulitenok: "What can you say about the prospects of joining the mass business buyers, those who every day has to do with you?"
Kryval: "Just because these people on the central square of the capital will not go. But if we are at the moment in each district will organize around local government rallies and pickets, on which representatives of district executive committees will simply ask: "Well, how many people in the area was out of work and how many people have closed their own business? Got better or worsen the situation buyers? did nothing! other words, our problems do not motivate you, why then do you have to live on the taxes paid by us? Leave in this case, their offices, will offer those who are interested, these tasks — prepyadstviya all walks of life, deprived of social guarantees. "
Ulitenok: "What can you say about such technology: now mass goes to rebel and find some grayish schemes that allow evade batons and immediately save the matter?"
Kryval: "I’m sorry, but you must have every day. Even if someone wanted to re-register, it is still two months should be expected immediately to feed kids … And how many jobs offered by local authorities for those who lost work from the first of January? What they did: can organize training-retraining? Nobody even lift a finger!
Naturally, in such a situation people will have, than willing — and grayish schemes, and subsistence farming, and other …
But, if it goes the situation develops in the country, then it is possible that both Khrushchev and impose taxes on the same apple, bee colonies — where is the clearance? No it …
Until the end we have to go all the way, so that anti-national decree was canceled. "

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