V.Krival: Who got what in jail, and he is chilly

Kryval: "Businessmen can not be intimidated. But if the organizers drop in Akrestsin then forward the planned activities to disorganize the authorities seem to be."
Ulitenok: "With Soligorsk favorite businessmen Alexander Tsatsura you are detained while traveling to a meeting on January 10. These acts of law enforcement agencies to disregard?"
Kryval: "We are very tight Sasha will work — you need to bring to light these men in officers’ uniform. For example, you should check out what records are there."
Ulitenok: "Implies sue?"
Kryval: "So they draw up the protocol on the tribunal may take place specifically against us it is written, we did not obey, grabbed uniform clothes, ripped out and want to run. Either fine or a" day "will be sent."

"Victor, what do you think about your employees declared a hunger strike? She enticed the public’s attention to the plight of the rights of those who sits on Akrestin or remains only the highest act for the sake of these people actually speaking, their self-esteem?"
Kryval"I was committed to the idea of failure of hunger strikes as forms of struggle. Why? Consider them a sign of helplessness, not strength. But when I hit myself on the bench, a certain situation has changed my attitude — hunger strike. Believe friends stand it."
Ulitenok: "And yet: as yours, for example, the hunger strike could or could affect, for example, to manage the bullpen, superiors instance?"
Kryval: "I wrote a special declaration chief sanitary doctor of Belarus: the administration of violating the sanitary-epidemiological rules. Available at the paper and other items: so who got what in jail, and he is chilly."
Ulitenok: "How to project spoken to your native bridle?"
Kryval: "Uzdensky area is very politicized at the moment, because they know Kryval businessman. And if the same people, who are similar in jail, then it becomes clear what is going on in the state. And people do not hesitate, do not believe the propaganda that planting only for the cause . Instead, they now know that in jail come not some offenders, but ordinary, law-abiding people.
I do not know where are the courts need me and sovereign Tsatsura either by place of residence, or where we were detained.
If Uzde, many local people would come. And they again made sure that in fact occurs in the state. "

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