Valery Karbalevich: One of the paradoxes

In advanced countries, it is called the middle class. S. and V. Chernov Nikoliuk printed big and serious article on this topic on the web site "Our worldview." They remind krytyryi middle class definition adopted in sociology (income level, social status, etc.) .. In general, the middle class is when people decide the problem of survival and began to petition for a own life.
You can argue about whether the long-term, appeared in Belarus middle class, as it massively. But not enough who will stipulate that this process developing quite rapidly. In a country with a delay, but the highest rates of consumer society is formed. On the consumer boom frisky show growth in housing prices. 23% in the past year increased the number of imported cars. But more impressive is the growth of consumer loans. Accurate and careful Belarusians have almost as Americans live through loans from banks to take money for the construction of apartments, buying expensive products.
According to the findings of sociologists, social configurations lead the configuration of ideas about the world. The collapse of the dictatorships in almost all countries in the second half of the twentieth century was the first part of the fact that there are many people, what with income growth came the need for democracy. M. Zaleski in the report for the Kiev conference "Towards a newcomer vision Belarus" in September 2007, wrote: "He who has received funds more than bread, the farther, the more feel the taste of freedom. And the one who means a lot, probably thinking about the safety of their investment. So people open world of law. "
This rule applies in globally, not only in the countries of the Euro-Atlantic civilization, and in Muslim Turkey, Asian countries: Land of the Rising Sun, Taiwan, South Korea and others.
But in Belarus — one of the many paradoxes — this pattern has not yet discovered. On the contrary, the transition to a consumer society has led to increased confidence in the policies of the current regime. During the 2006 presidential election, just just when the country and its citizens, thanks to a cheap Russian oil to get more revenue, Lukashenko’s rating rose to 63%. Such high level of support he had in the history of its own rule. Researchers NISEPI justify that voted for the incumbent a significant portion of the middle class and businessmen. Specifically, due to their increased rating and Lukashenko.
Take the same individual entrepreneurs, who are the main candidates in the middle class. Their country is now more than 200 thousand people. Those businessmen who are affected by the ban have employees, there are 64 thousand, but on October Square came less than three thousand people.
At the same time, in this case, the main motive was not even a protest demanding freedom and useful real interests.
Clearly, which can be give many explanations this fenamenu. That the middle class in Belarus has not yet happened, and what we can as kvalifakavats protaklyasa. That people, which for the first time to Darvan solid life, fear of losing everything. What business in Belarus (except personal business) can only exist "under the roof" of municipal structures. And more. But the alarming trend. While consumer boom strengthens position Lukashenko.

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