Vasiljevic released as chairman of the Constitutional Court

The press service of the President of Belarus said: Vasilevich relieved of his duties in connection with the expiry of options.
Retired chairman of the Constitutional Court Grigory Vasilevich commented former colleagues on the first composition of the Constitutional Court, former judges Misha Shepherds and Valery Fadeev.
Shepherds"For me it is a sensation, although rumors were, allegedly offered him to other positions, but the end of all this event happened … I know sovereign Vasilevich with davneshnih times when we were in the first part of the Constitutional Court. Later he showed himself so say how "special person", as one referee, who had a personal opinion, if the Constitutional Court to make decisions on the recognition of unconstitutional or another presidential decree. forthcoming in his position was still seen by the head of state, and Vasiljevic was appointed manager.
I believe that in the end of January will change the whole structure of the Constitutional Court, as it is specifically Time was formed a new Constitutional Court in 1997, and then I was relieved from the post of judge of the Constitutional Court.
I’m surprised that for a responsible job Vasilevich though not left as head of the Constitutional Court. I know that he sought in this post has shown himself faithful person. Where he will appoint more — is unclear, but I think he will not get lost among the officials of the current authorities. "
Fadeev"What is the reason? Dates are already out. As for the fight, what fight? This is when the Supreme Council elected, and even then, he’s opted for the president’s proposal, according to the 1994 Constitution. And presently another system destination. I do not think there will be some kind of struggle. struggle can only be in one head … As for the candidates, now chairman appointed by the President with the consent of the country, so at this level and will be decided. because there have substituent Tribunal not without control remains. "
Correspondent‘Sire Vasilevich always distinguished his peculiar views — it has gone contrary to the views of others, do you think? "
Fadeev"He distinguished his views, when he was the first composition of the Constitutional Tribunal. And now he had no special representation.
Hard for me to say where he was sent on, I have far from it. Utym case that many arbitrators resigned, and another, apparently, some will go. "
Correspondent"Basically, he’s coped with their obligations?"
Fadeev"Hard to say, as soon as the court prepyadstviya were related to the fact that to them practically treated those subjects which are defined in Article 116 of the Constitution, because the tribunal considered the case, not using sim article, and some general rules on the right of the people apply to the Tribunal, etc. So there is and this problem. Clear how it will be resolved — it will remain in the same condition as it was, apparently, not as appeals are not so little. "Tags: constitutional, Lukashenko, Vasilevich, the tribunal

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