Victor Gorbachev: This is not a negotiation

The meeting was chaired by the Commission for industry, fuel and energy complex, transport, communication and entrepreneurship House Anatoly Pavlovich.
Chairman of the organizing committee of the public association "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev expressed the requirements of its own adherents.

Now we specifically meeting and not negotiations

Minimum program — a moratorium on item 1-1 presidential decree prohibiting them from January 1, 2008 have employees.
The maximum program — taking the first half of next year, the law on small and medium businesses, he explained to why the current event can not be called negotiations:
"And like, that we still have come to something. And now we specifically meeting and not negotiations. Negotiations will be when the moratorium will be on the first paragraph of the Decree number 760.’s Why I said it. And we about This should state say. And your business — think "- said the emperor Gorbachev.
Representatives of the Ministries of Economy, money, housing and communal services and other tried to reassure businessmen. At least, director of Department of Business Economics Ministry Alexander Lihachevsky said that the government is neuvvyazkami SME. He saw that some progress here, probably will be.
Anatoly Pavlovich urged businessmen to put their complaints in writing:
"Therefore, what you need same move on. If you have a certain dissatisfaction with some of the current issue, let him as they say, defraud. What you now read as, put clearly and accurately. Document — the government, with a copy — in parliament. To could together to track its fate. That we beheld that we are a movement. That is, what they say municipal government, and what you realize to somehow approximate. "

We did not expect, that there decisions will be made that will suit both sides.

Lev Margolin — member of the organizing committee of the public association "For Free Development of Enterprise" — after the meeting said that "in one word it difficult to evaluate the results":
"With one side, we did not expect that there will be taken solutions that will suit both sides. On the other hand, entrepreneurs, they did not know what to do with January 1, and do not know now. What to do those who have employees? Or dismiss them? Whether to go on vacation? And wait, that within a month all the same can be taken on a moratorium on the item 1-1 Decree number 760?
I think that such meetings are useful. Still need to bring to the Government and Parliament how to look the consequences of their decisions in the regions. "
Meeting with the manager of the parliamentary commission was planned on December 19. But during a meeting of businessmen on December 11, police detained favorites pradpyrmalnitskaga movement. Victor Gorbachev served 15 days.

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