Video from the protest action of entrepreneurs

Rally on the steps of the Palace lasts Republic

Speaker entrepreneurial movement activist V.Krival

Demonstrators have occupied more than half October Square

Participants of the meeting decided to go to Sidorsky

Participants of the rally marched toward Independence Square

The column goes on sidewalks along Independence Avenue

Despite the obstacles created by employees of traffic police, demonstrators break into the roadway Independence Avenue

The policemen could not squeeze demonstrators carriageway

From paddy, which moved from the back of the column, the police jostle protesters on sidewalks

The demonstrators are fighting for traffic on the avenue

Demonstrators escorted paddy

Demonstrators are suitable for the Independence Square

To the demonstrators approached unutarnyh Affairs Minister Naumov

SWAT prepares to make an order Navumau

Weave commandos thrown on peaceful protesters

SWAT makes an order Naumova

Demonstrators pushed around Independence Square demonstrators, who returned to October Square, displacing the police Tags: entrepreneurs, protest

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