Vitebsk activist says that he was beaten in jail

Instead of driving home in Vitebsk activist friends were obliged to take him to the prosecutor’s office of the Metropolitan district of Minsk, direction to take for a forensic examination and documented to assure the consequences of beating in the bullpen in Akrestsin.
According to Sergei Parsyukevich, beat one of his employees, who later accused in the attack of the same prisoner. Parsyukevich is also clear that the prosecutor shall verify on this fact.
Vitebsk businessman, activist made the movement "For Freedom!" Sergei Parsyukevich says that he was warned about the possible criminal liability for assaulting a policeman. In case it can threaten to 6 years in prison.
Beating incident released from Sergei Parsyukevich bullpen is a provocation. He worked for many years in the police, retired with the rank of Major, and therefore knows how necessary and how not to behave with law enforcement officials. Activist claims that his side no displays of anger against a policeman was not. Tags: Parsukevich, bullpen, beating

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