Vitebsk authorities have promised to feed the homeless

Persons of no fixed abode, so called "homeless" this one does not warned before This time nor one person not addressed in the municipal structures to obtain the promised food.
Head of the city department of labor and social protection Lena Kapustin told that from the 1st of November in Vitebsk city executive committee acts on a special abstract food assistance to the homeless in the amount of about 10 thousand rubles — 30% of the basal value.
"Abstract we have such that they write statements, go to the store and can get the products. But maybe you need to give this ad? Such advertisements have, of course, no — no train station or somewhere else, which can be get real help, "- says Lena Kapustin.
Employee of the city executive committee had to admit that so far no one possible beneficiary on it is not addressed. And not only because of the homeless charity authorities so beggars can not know. Before get in store products these people must pass a series of bureaucratic procedures: first — come to the executive committee with the passport and make a statement to the chairman of the district administration.

First time I heard about it. A "homeless" — seven years’ time. "

This step is most ineradicable specifically for the reason that most of the so called "homeless" lost documents.
40-year-old Sergei 7 years living in the basement, has no passport, and food aid to hear:
"The first time I hear about it. A" homeless "- seven years’ time." Passport no. When I come to the passport police department, then they say to me: find someone who will take you to live, and later we will create for you a passport . Who will take me? Here now go to the reception Fri, passed the bottle. "
Abstract City Executive Committee remains only on paper. Even a 3-Vitebsk stores where products bloodless shall issue, no one knows how to make it in practice, so as not to disrupt the trade of sanitary norms. It is clear only that so referred homeless people can not give alcohol and tobacco. Any other advice that to this dilemma, traders did not receive.
Many tips and police services about helping people with no fixed abode. From time to time they are transported to sanitation, but engaged in catering for such people police shall be removed because it does not go in their duties.
Charitable public institutions that would take care of the so-called "homeless" in Vitebsk not. No night shelter for these people, although in other towns of Belarus they have already started to appear.
In the executive committee uttered that last year had a real help 44th persons of no fixed abode. Generally, in the town of which there are more than one weaving, although to call at least approximately the total number no one can.

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